The Courtyard
Submitted by: UltraKintaro
November 25, 2012
The Courtyard is the very first stage seen in the Mortal Kombat series, always being the first stage in the original game. The Courtyard is on Shang Tsung's Island, where Mortal Kombat tournaments have been held for many centuries. It is also the place where Goro killed the Great Kung Lao in battle 1,000 years ago. The fights that take place in the Courtyard are watched by monk students and above them in back, Shang Tsung himself watches from his throne. The only time is different is in Mortal Kombat Trilogy, where it is Shao Kahn who sits in the throne. In case a participant tries to escape, two Masked Guards guard the arena to prevent them.
Mortal Kombat (Arcade / Super Nintendo / GameBoy) - October 8, 1992
Mortal Kombat Deception (Nintendo GameCube / PlayStation 2 / XBox) - October 4, 2004
Mortal Kombat (PlayStation 3 / XBox 360 / PlayStation Vita) - April 19, 2011

General Information
Name   The Courtyard Origin   Mortal Kombat
Location   Shang Tsung's Island Release Date   October 8, 1992
Availability   Default Home Stage of   Liu Kang
Size   Small Difficulty   Easy-Medium
Stage Layout

    The stage is small and flat and covers the entire ground, meaning characters cannot be knocked out through the bottom of the screen. Two masked guards stand still at different sides of the arena, pointing their weapons at the screen, as if threatening the characters to fight. The monks and Shang Tsung watch the fight as usual, with the monks applauding whenever a character is knocked off-screen. If one player knocks another off the screen without ever taking damage, Shang Tsung will shout "Flawless Victory!"

Number Name Image Short Description
Hazard #1   Masked Guards   Every minute or so, a Masked Guard will step onto the ring and swing its weapon at the closest character. Anyone hit by this will suffer 7% damage. The Masked Guard has 20HP and defeating it will make another walk onto the screen and stand where the previous one stood before he stepped into the ring.
Hazard #2   Old Shang Tsung   If a character stays laying on the ground too long after being knocked down, Shang Tsung will raise his hand and a green circle will surround that character and deal 1% damage every second they are lying down as their soul is drained.
Hazard #3   Dan Forden   Like in many Mortal Kombat games, after a strong Up Smash, there is a small chance of a picture of Dan Forden appearing in the lower right corner of the screen and shouting "Toasty!"
Theme Music
Song Title   The Courtyard
From   Mortal Kombat
Composer(s)   Dan Forden
Song Title   The Temple Gate
From   Mortal Kombat
Composer(s)   Dan Forden
Song Title   In The Beginning...
From   Mortal Kombat
Composer(s)   Dan Forden
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