Balamb Garden
Submitted by: UltraKintaro
November 25, 2012
Balamb Garden is a location in Final Fantasy VIII. The home of Squall Leonhart and many others, Balamb Garden is a military academy that trains childeren to become SeeDs, a mercenary group that Balamb outsources to customers for many missions. To become SeeDs, cadets must pass a written and field exam, the field exam taking place in a real war-zone. If a cadet has not become a SeeD by the time they reach 21 years old, the Garden will be forced to let them go. The headmaster is Cid Kramer, who had the Garden built with the funding of the Shumi, NORG. It is revealed during a missile threat that Balamb Garden was originally a roaming shelter from the now-destroyed Centra continent. Squall's party manage to find to the Garden's MD Level, where they convert the Garden back to its original mobile state, avoiding the missiles. The Garden then roams around the world, eventually heading to Centra, where it will do battle with Galbadia Garden.
Final Fantasy VIII (PlayStation / PC) - February 11, 1999
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (Nintendo 3DS) - February 16, 2012

General Information
Name   Balamb Garden Origin   Final Fantasy VIII
Location   Balamb Release Date   February 11, 1999
Availability   Unlockable Home Stage of   Squall Leonhart
Size   Medium-Large Difficulty   Medium
Stage Layout

    The battles take on a balcony in the Garden's Quad. The balcony is flat and extends past the right side of the screen, the left side simply having a drop after the balcony ends. There is wall on the extreme right of the stage that extends above the screen, leaving only a corridor on the right for players to be knocked out of the screen into. The Garden is always moving and in the background various locations from the world of Final Fantasy VIII can be passed by such as Balamb Town, Fisherman's Horizon, Timber, Trabia Garden and Edea's orphanage.

Number Name Image Short Description
Hazard #1   Galbadia Garden   After the Garden passes Edea's Orphanage, Galbadia Garden will float towards the screen from the background, its floatation ring passing over the balcony and crashing in the wall. Any character who gets hit by the ring, will suffer 25% damage and large knockback.
Hazard #2   Paratroopers   This is the first of two hazards that can enter the stage after Galbadia Garden passes by. The Paratoopers deal no damage and simply float around the stage before leaving the screen. They instead have a small rope that hangs underneath them which a character grab onto the bottom of. Players who hold onto these too long have a good chance of being carried off the screen. But a player can get lucky if they are send flying towards the edge of the screen and grab a rope that carries them to safety.
Hazard #3   G-Soldiers   This is the second of two hazards that can happen after Galbadia Garden passes by. A Galbadian Soldier on a motorbike while jump onto the screen and drive off the screen to the right. Being hit by the bike as it lands will deal 12% damage with medium knockback while being hit after will deal 15% damage, again with medium knocback.
Hazard #4   Floatation Ring   If the Garden is roaming across an ocean, its floatation ring will be submerged. While it is traveling on land, it is visible at the very bottom of the large drop. Landing on the floatation ring will deal 17% with large knockback. At higher percentages, lucky players can be sent flying high enough to recover onto the balcony.
Theme Music
Song Title   Liberi Fatali
From   Final Fantasy VIII
Composer(s)   Nobuo Uematsu
Song Title   Don't Be Afraid
From   Final Fantasy VIII
Composer(s)   Nobuo Uematsu
Song Title   The Landing
From   Final Fantasy VIII
Composer(s)   Nobuo Uematsu
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