Submitted by: James007
January 16, 2013
Taking place in a post-apocalyptic London of 2012. The survivors meet a strange voice to go to the Tube and find some equipment. The Layout of the games takes place in London where it’s under a post-apocalyptic zone.

In this game, one of the many survivors are encountering by the zombie until someone named the Prepper asked one of the survivors to go to the London Underground for protection of the zombie horde. When the survivor is in the underground, the Prepper told the player that Jack Dee predict that the world will become a zombie apocalyptic world in 2012. If the survivor gets bitten by a zombie, he/she will become a zombie and a new survivor will appear and take his/her spot from the start again.
ZombiU (Nintendo Wii U) - November 18, 2012

General Information
Name   London Origin   ZombiU
Location   United Kingdom Release Date   November 18, 2012
Availability   Downloadable Home Stage of   N/A
Size   Medium-Large Difficulty   Medium
Stage Layout

    The layout of this stage shows a street of London looking deserted, the background shows a London car, a broken double-decker bus with a poster saying ‘We Will Rock You’, a closed fish & chips shop and a Wii U gamepad poster looking destroyed on the left side of the stage. It’s flat and players can get side KO like in the Bridge of Eldin stage from Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Number Name Image Short Description
Hazard #1   Zombies   During time, some zombies appears from either the left or right side of the stage, some of them will wear London guard suits and military costumes. Each of them deal 10%-17% damage to the players.
Theme Music
Song Title   God Save the Queen
From   ZombiU
Composer(s)   Cris Velasco
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