Holiday Express
Submitted by: James007
December 20, 2013
The Holiday Express is a train set and one of the trains in Train Simulator 2014, taking place inside a Christmas House at night, the Holiday Express is shown to be a toy train in a big house, the train is travel on, maybe, Christmas Eve, with either a Teddy Bear, three toy soldiers and some toy blocks around the house from the living room to the bedroom.
Train Simulator 2014 (PC) - September 26, 2013

General Information
Name   Holiday Express Origin   Train Simulator 2014
Location   Christmas House Release Date   September 26, 2013
Availability   Downloadable Home Stage of   N/A
Size   Medium-Large Difficulty   Easy
Stage Layout

    The stage is battle on the Holiday Express train with 2 carriages with either a teddy bear & three toy soldiers or two toy blocks with the train moving around the house. In 5 minutes, the train will slow down to the three-way tracks to release the two carriages and either go and reverse to get the other carriages or leave without the carriages with the players to fight on the train. The various locations the train can go while the players fighting is inside the mouse hole, around the Christmas tree, on the table and around the children bedroom.

Number Name Image Short Description
Hazard #1   Holiday Express   Even though it’s not a hazard, the main train can deal damage to anyone who is in front of the train, 11% damage to the players that is. The train can leave the players without the carriages resulting to a KO to the players from the KO screen.
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