Flower Stage
Submitted by: James007
December 19, 2013
The Flower Stage is the home to the main protagonist, Lip, in Panel de Pon. Known to be the home to Lip, the Flower stage is shown to be full of flowers. As well as the starting point of the game, the game follows Lip as she has to travel the different stages to release her friends from mind control by Death Mountain via heavy rain, but Lip, however isn’t affected to it, due to her flower stick.
Panel de Pon (Super Nintendo) - October 27, 1995
Nintendo Puzzle Collection (Nintendo GameCube) - February 7, 2003

General Information
Name   Flower Stage Origin   Panel de Pon
Location   World of Popples Release Date   October 27, 1995
Availability   Default Home Stage of   Lip
Size   Medium Difficulty   Medium
Stage Layout

    The stage takes place on the flower field full of flowers. The stage’s background shows the different stages where Lip’s fairy friends came from with rainbows connecting to each stage. This stage has some go-through platforms with some full of flowers, however, like the Fountain of Dreams stage from Melee, the left and right platform will go up 2 Kirby’s high and down to the stage ground for 30 seconds with each different platforms at random times.

Number Name Image Short Description
Hazard #1   Panels   During time, random panels will fall from the skies for 5 seconds, each panel will deal 5%-9% damage.
Theme Music
Song Title   Lip's Theme
From   Panel de Pon
Composer(s)   Masaya Kuzume / Yuka Tsujiyoko
Song Title   Windy's Theme
From   Panel de Pon
Composer(s)   Masaya Kuzume / Yuka Tsujiyoko
Song Title   Forest Lullaby
From   Panel de Pon / Tetris Attack
Composer(s)   Masaya Kuzume / Yuka Tsujiyoko
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