Quilty Square
Submitted by: Girkirby
December 3, 2013
One of the first areas that Kirby visits in Kirby's Epic Yarn. It serves as the main hub world and can be used to access Grass Land, Space Land, and Dream Land. The area contains Prince Fluff's home, Patch Castle, which serves as the first and only level in that area in the game. The area also is home to Patch Plaza, which tracks Kirby's progress throughout the game, Loomis and Chaise Woole's shops, where you can buy fabrics and furniture, and Dom Woole's apartment building, which is home to the six tenants that Kirby can play games with along with his own room that he can decorate using the furniture and fabrics he can obtain in the game.
Kirby's Epic Yarn (Nintendo Wii) - October 14, 2010

General Information
Name   Quilty Square Origin   Kirby's Epic Yarn
Location   Patch Land Release Date   October 14, 2010
Availability   Default Home Stage of   Prince Fluff
Size   Large Difficulty   Easy
Stage Layout

    The stage is fairly large with a pretty flat layout. Players who are on the stage will appear in a 2D form, similar to how they would appear in the Flat Zone stages that have appeared in previous Super smash Bros. games. Located on the right side of the stage is Patch Castle. While the castle is in the background (along with every other building on the stage), it does have two long passable platforms that are above and parallel from each other that are attached to the castle. There's also four smaller passable platforms that are parallel from each other, two in between the first and second platform and two between the second platform and the ground. In the middle of the stage is Patch Plaza and the shops, which have Loomis and Chaise both watching the fight from inside their shops. The ground of the plaza serves as a passable platform. Finally, on the left side of the stage is the apartment building. On the building are two long passable platforms that are above and parallel from each other. There are also two ladders that connect the platforms that players can climb from.

Number Name Image Short Description
Hazard #1   Cyclod   Occasionally, a Cyclod will appear from either side of the stage. All it does is wander around the stage aimlessly until it spots a player, where it then makes an attempt to ram into them. Since it's made of yarn, it only does 1-3% damage to anyone it rams into. Once a Cyclod suffers 10% damage from a player's attacks, it will either unravel into bits of yarn or turn into a yarn ball, which players can pick up and throw at other players. The yarn ball travels in a straight trajectory and once it hits a player, it unravels and cannot be used again.
Theme Music
Song Title   Fountain Gardens
From   Kirby's Epic Yarn
Composer(s)   Tomoya Tomita
Song Title   Flower Fields
From   Kirby's Epic Yarn
Composer(s)   Tomoya Tomita
Song Title   Big-Bean Vine
From   Kirby's Epic Yarn
Composer(s)   Tomoya Tomita
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