Storm Hill
Submitted by: DK3
December 28, 2013
The Battle for Storm Hill is the first area of the Durian Kingdom. In this level, Donkey Kong ascends to the top of Storm Hill. Cannonballs rain from the sky here, and they can easily hit the ape if he is not careful. Many Ninjapes also appear here and use a variety of attacks to slow down Donkey Kong, such as throwing shuriken, manning cannons, and directly fighting him. There is a fort in the level as well, and Donkey Kong must avoid the many Tusk enemies to climb it safely. Once Donkey Kong bites into the giant durian at the end of the level, the ape heads on to Aerie Fortress.
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (Nintendo GameCube) - December 16, 2004

General Information
Name   Storm Hill Origin   Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Location   Durian Kingdom Release Date   December 16, 2004
Availability   Unlockable Home Stage of   Donkey Kong
Size   Medium Difficulty   Medium-Hard
Stage Layout

    This dark and dreary stage takes place above a tall plateau located in the Durian Kingdom. The stage's layout comprises of a wide, floating platform suspended over the landscape of the actual hilly terrain itself that can be seen in the entire background. The surface of this main platform is for the mostpart completely flat, but it features a small, sharp mound in the middle. The width of the battle area of the stage is about 75% of the width of the Bridge of Eldin stage as it can be seen in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Two additional, passable platforms appear just above the main one, each located to either side of the bump in the center. These platforms will, on occassion, move diagonally upwards and towards the center to join together momentarilly to form a longer platform before seperating again and returning to their original positions. Adding to the dreary feel of the stage is the area's constant rainfall, which seemingly never stops.

Number Name Image Short Description
Hazard #1   Ninja Kong   From time to time, Ninja Kong will make his appearance on the stage as a thunderous stage hazard. As the ruler of the Durian Kingdom, Ninja Kong is a formidable foe in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, being one of the most powerful Kongs in the game. His appearance here reflects that fact as he will pound the ground with a mighty tremor from the near background, causing anyone standing on any of the platforms to take around 20% damage alongside knockback with a vertical trajectory. Ninja Kong's method of entering and exiting the stage is simply by dropping from the sky above the main platform and then jumping back and falling off the bottom of the screen.
Hazard #2   Tusk Butapoppo   When players hear a Hawg's grunt, this sound signifies that a Tusk Butapoppo is about to make its appearance on the stage. It will appear on the main platform starting on either the left side or the right side and move calmly towards the opposite end, however if the enemy spots a player within its close proximity, it'll quickly and violently charge in their direction in an attempt to collide with them for 10% to 16% damage. If a Tusk Butapoppo is struck at all, it will merely flinch before immediately retaliating with a countering charge attack. Once it reaches either end of the platform, the creature will disappear.
Hazard #3   Cannonballs   The most frequent hazard that takes place on the stage are the cannonballs that may plummet from the sky on occassion. These heavy projectiles will fall in a vertical trajectory every time, though where they fall is completely random. They may fall directly onto any of the platforms, or even off to either side of the stage. Being struck by a falling cannonball can cause up to 10% damage to a player with a moderate amount of knockback, and these objects will disappear right after landing on solid ground.
Theme Music
Song Title   Battle For Storm Hill
From   Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Composer(s)   Mahito Yokota
Song Title   Haunted Woods
From   Diddy Kong Racing
Composer(s)   David Wise
Song Title   Stormy Shore
From   Donkey Kong Country Returns
Composer(s)   Kenji Yamamoto / Minako Hamano / Masaru Tajima
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