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January 15, 2013
The fourth planet of the Lylat System and home to about 85% of the universe's population, this planet is the home of the Cornerians. The planet is known for its rich and fertile farmlands and variety of climates, more so than any other planet in the galaxy. Its cities and industries were designed in harmony with the planet's nature, allowing for a prosperous ecosystem. It is hinted in Star Fox: Assault that some of Corneria's military bases might be Cornerian-made islands. From space, the planet is seen to have a large amount of cloud cover as well as vast oceans.
Star Fox (Super Nintendo) - February 21, 1993
Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64) - April 27, 1997
Star Fox 64 3D (Nintendo 3DS) - July 14, 2011

General Information
Name   Corneria Origin   Star Fox
Location   Lylat System Release Date   February 21, 1993
Availability   Default Home Stage of   Fox McCloud
Size   Small-Medium Difficulty   Medium
Stage Layout

    This stage features one single, long, passable platform in the center of the screen. The stage itself is a large, scrolling area that travels straight and narrow across a section of the planet Corneria, caught in the midst of a heated dogfight between Cornerian Army and Andross' forces, including Granga, who is seen using his huge mech.

The stage starts off calm and uneventful as the platform simply travels forward through the course. Soon after, Arwings begin to appear on screen and serve as additional platforms. Occassionally, they may perform quick barrel rolls, which will knock any player off of them. As the stage continues on, enemy aircrafts will appear being pilotted by Andross' soldiers. As soon as they appear, the dogfight will begin as they start firing lasers across the stage, going from the foreground to the background and vise versa, some may strike the stage and/or players. After about a two minute battle back and forth in this method, the platform will reach Granga, where another two minute fight will ensue against him. After which, the platform will continue on past him and loop back to the beginning of the process.
Number Name Image Short Description
Hazard #1   Cornerian Fighters   During the dogfight phase between the Cornerian Army and Andross' forces, each of the spacecrafts in the fight will be firing their lasers in an attempt to bring their enemies down. If a craft serving as a platform takes three or more shots, they'll be destroyed. Unintentionally however, these lasers may hit a player character in the match, at which point they'll take 10% to 18% damage and recieve moderate knockback. These lasers also appear in the fight against Granga, where they are slightly stronger and can deal up to 22% damage.
Hazard #2   Granga   During the Granga phase in this stage, the platform will circle the fighting area until the phase ends. Granga will not only fight against the Cornerian Army, but he'll view the combatants in the battle as potential threats as well and attack them. He has three methods of attacking the Cornerian Fighters as well as the players. The first of which is simply by firing lasers about the area, albeit with not much skil in aiming. The second attack he uses are firing two homing missiles at a time. These missile will lock onto the nearest player or aircraft platform and propel themselves into their target, causing between 14% to 24% damage but slightly less knockback than the laser shots. The third attack he'll use, once every minute during his phase, is an energy orb projectile. This shot will be visibly fired from his mech's head and travel down on the central platform with a surefire hit. If a player is struck by this, they'll take 30% to 38% damage and moderately high knockback. The orb is roughly about half the size of the platform.
Theme Music
Song Title   Corneria
From   Star Fox
Composer(s)   Hajime Wakai
Song Title   Corneria
From   Star Fox 64
Composer(s)   Koji Kondo / Hajime Wakai
Song Title   VS - Sauria
From   Star Fox: Assault
Composer(s)   Yoshie Arakawa / Yoshinori Kawamoto
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