Rainbow Road
Submitted by: Avocado
January 16, 2013
Rainbow Road is the final course in the Special Cup (as well as the entire game) for all non-arcade Mario Kart games. It has gone through multiple changes throughout each game, but it is always one of the most difficult courses in the game due to its little or no railing, making racers easily susceptible to careening off the edge if they are not careful. Also, it always has a rainbow-like texture (hence its name) and it takes place either in space or high in the sky. Additionally, Rainbow Road has make appearances in Mario Hoops: 3 on 3 as well as Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Super Mario Kart (Super Nintendo) - August 27, 1992
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (Nintendo GameCube) - November 7, 2003
Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS) - December 1, 2011

General Information
Name   Rainbow Road Origin   Super Mario Kart
Location   Space Release Date   August 27, 1992
Availability   Unlockable Home Stage of   Mario
Size   Medium-Large Difficulty   Hard
Stage Layout

    The stage takes place on the segment of Mario Kart 7's Rainbow Road where the track begins to descend around a small moon. There are three sections of track next to each other, however, the section on the right is higher and the section on the left is lower relation to the middle section. Above each section of track, there is a platform for the character to Brawl on, as the lower sections are in the path of the Karts racing around the track. There are gaps between all sections. The moon is in the background, with shooting stars and rockets blasting off far in the distance.

Number Name Image Short Description
Hazard #1   Karts   Frequently, Metal Mario, Wiggler, Honey Queen, Daisy, Rosalina, Lakitu, Shy Guy, and Koopa Troopa will drive by on the lower sections of the track. If a character is hit by a kart driven by a heavy-weight character (Metal Mario, Wiggler, or Honey Queen), then they will sustain 15% damage and serious knockback. Additionally, if a character is hit by a kart driven by a middle-weight (Daisy or Rosalina), then they will receive 10% damage and moderate knockback. Also, if a character is hit by a kart driven by a light-weight (Lakitu, Shy Guy, or Koopa Troopa) then they will be dealt 5% damage and little knockback. Infrequently, a kart will glide across the stage, hitting characters on the upper platforms as well.
Hazard #2   Spiny Shell   Rarely, a character in a passing kart will launch a Spiny Shell at the character who is winning the match (the one with the most coins, knockouts, stock, etc.). This deals 20% and serious knockback. However, this obstacle can be shielded from if the character shields at just the right time.
Hazard #3   Banana   Frequently, characters will drop banana peels behind their kart. This will potentially cause another kart to spin out, but if the player steps on it they will trip.
Hazard #4   Chomp   Extremely rarely, a Chomp will roll down the lower half of the stage. However, it is so big that it will hit players on the upper platforms unless they jump. This deals heavy knockback but only 12% damage.
Theme Music
Song Title   Rainbow Road
From   Mario Kart 7
Composer(s)   Kenta Nagata
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