Submitted by: Ziggy Stardust
November 13, 2013
Hawlucha is a bird-like Pokemon from the Kalos region, with plumage making him resemble a Mexican wrestler, and is the only known example of a dual-type Flying/Fighting Pokemon. Despite his small size, he is acrobatic and powerful enough to fend against even the strongest of Fighting types, especially when he has an advantage from above. His signature move, Flying Press, is unique among all moves, for its ability to deal both Flying and Fighting type damage.

General Information
Name   Hawlucha Pokémon Number   #701
Pokémon Attack   Flying Press Generation   6th
Attack Style   Physical Chance of Appearance   Uncommon
Attack Description

    When Hawlucha is released from the Pokeball, he will strike a pose for a brief moment, then fly straight up into the air, out of the screen. About three seconds later, he will come flying straight down into a random opponent at high speed. Contact with the opponent will deal 12-15% damage, and drag the opponent straight down with him; anyone who also happens to get hit will take 7-10% damage. The only way to avoid this strike is to perfectly time a dodge, or to outrun him with a fast character such as Sonic. After attacking, he strikes another wrestling pose, and then vanishes.

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