Submitted by: James007
December 20, 2013
Manaphy is one of the Legendary Pokémon from the fourth generation as well as one of the sea guardians members along with Phione. Its body is shown to be a small aquatic Pokémon, with 80% of it body to be shown to be made with water, shown to be hidden from the sea environment, allowing this genderless, water-type, Pokémon to swim long distance to its birthplace. It’s shown to be bond with any Pokémon with its special power. And shown to swap bodies with not just Pokémon, but with humans with its special move called Heart Swap.

General Information
Name   Manaphy Pokémon Number   #490
Pokémon Attack   Heart Swap Generation   4th
Attack Style   Indirect Chance of Appearance   Legendary
Attack Description

    When release from the Pokéball from a player, Manaphy will travel to the top centre of the stage and release a pink transparent circle with the size of half of the Battlefield stage, any two characters who are in the circle, will be allow to Heart Swap with each other for 20 seconds before swap bodies back with each other. During that happen, the swapped characters KO counter won’t be changed and stay the same, even the swapped character either KO’s opponents or get KO’d by the opponent, the player KO counter will changed. If no one is in circle, the move will be cancelled. Either way Manaphy will disappear from the stage.

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