Submitted by: DK3
August 17, 2013
Exploud is a large blue creature whose most obvious feature is its huge mouth, where its large tongue can be seen. It sports two hippopotamus-like teeth on each jaw. It also has extruding tubes with holes along its body: seven along the crest on its head, four on its elbows and knees, two along its back and two on the end of its two tails. These holes serve a dual purpose: They can suck in air to increase Exploud's noise based attacks and they can make noise themselves. The holes along its head-crest and tails are tipped with yellow, and the holes along it back have yellow semicircular patterns at the sides. Exploud's red eyes also add to its look of intimidation. There is also a semicircle on its belly, which is rarely seen because of its giant mouth. Its arms have three thin stripes below its elbow and three fingers. Exploud’s feet have four claws, three in front and one in back, and a yellow paw pad on its underside.

General Information
Name   Exploud Pokémon Number   #295
Pokémon Attack   Hyper Voice Generation   3rd
Attack Style   Indirect Chance of Appearance   Uncommon
Attack Description

    Exploud uses its ability to create deafening soundwaves from its large mouth to attack its summoner's opponents. When it is released from its Poké Ball, it'll heavily walk around for a short while as it studies its surroundings and the positions of its opponents before letting loose a loud booming soundwave from its mouth in the direction it's facing. The range of the attack is moderate, but it can also reach both high and low in a cone area of effect outward from Exploud. Players caught in the soundwaves of this attack will take about 16% to 22% damage with knockback that will throw the player in the opposite direction of Exploud. After it has unleashed its attack, it will disappear.

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