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August 17, 2013
Donphan are light-gray elephant-like Pokémon. There is a thick, black band of hide that runs down the length of Donphan's back and extends to the trunk, resembling a car tire. Donphan have four short legs with three claws with each leg having a black band around them. They also sport a pair of white tusks, and elongated ears held stiffly to Donphan's sides.

General Information
Name   Donphan Pokémon Number   #232
Pokémon Attack   Rollout Generation   2nd
Attack Style   Physical Chance of Appearance   Common
Attack Description

    When a Donphan makes its appearance, it will angrily begin its rampage before curling up into a ball and rolling forward like a wheel in a violent rage. Similar to Jigglypuff's Special attack but quicker, more devastating and longer in duration. When an opponent is struck by Donphan's Rollout attack, they will usually take about 15% to 24% damage with vertical knockback, but on occassion they may also take damage before being buried in the ground, potentially being struck a second time. After Donphan has calmed down after about eight to ten seconds, it will disappear.

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