Spawn Eggs
Submitted by: James007
December 5, 2013
Spawn Eggs are one of the Creative Mode items in Minecraft. Those eggs spawn different mobs from Monsters to NPC’s. Spawn Eggs are used by the Use Command button, which was normally by Right-clicking on the Mouse, at the ground, and unlike the Chicken Eggs and the Ender Pearl, the Spawn Eggs can’t be thrown and only be place at the ground at the players feet. On Peaceful Mode, some Hostile mobs, except wolves, can be spawned but delete from the world. Each Spawn Eggs come with different colours.
Minecraft (PC) - May 17, 2009

General Information
Name   Spawn Eggs Origin   Minecraft
Item Type   Projectile / Summon Release Date   May 17, 2009
Number of Ammo/Uses   N/A Availability   Unlockable
Use Description

    When appear from a stage, a Spawn Egg appears with a random colour, the colours and the type of Mobs appear in the Egg are the following. A green egg with black spots will release a Creeper, when spawn, the Creeper will walk around until explode when hit or close to an opponent which deals 19% damage. A white egg with grey spots releases a Skeleton, when spawn, this monster will walk around shooting arrows to the opponent, dealing 5% damage to the opponent, however they can de spawn at a night stage, when spawn at a day stage, the Skeleton will start burning for 10 seconds. A blue egg with green spots will release a Zombie, who will walk to an opponent, dealing 7% damage when hitting an opponent, however, like the skeleton, the zombie will burn up on a day stage for 10 seconds. A dark grey egg with red spot, will spawn a spider, which will leap at the opponent, dealing 4% damage, like the Skelton and the Zombie, the Spider can get burn for 10 seconds on a day stage. Those mobs can be defeated easily.

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