Super Scope
Submitted by: DK3
December 4, 2013
The Super Scope, or Nintendo Scope in Europe and Australia, is the official Super Nintendo light gun. It was released in the European and US markets, with a limited release in Japan due to a lack of consumer demand. It is a wireless gun and uses an infrared receiver which plugs into the right port of the console, comparable to the Menacer for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. It has two action buttons, a pause button, a power switch and is powered by six AA batteries.
Super Scope 6 (Super Nintendo) - June 21, 1993
Yoshi's Safari (Super Nintendo) - July 14, 1993
Tin star (Super Nintendo) - November 1994

General Information
Name   Super Scope Origin   Super Scope 6
Item Type   Projectile Release Date   June 21, 1993
Number of Ammo/Uses   20 Availability   Default
Use Description

    Players can use this gun to fire orbs of light at their opponents, depending on how long the attack button is held determines the size and strength of the ball of light that's fired. The player can also repeatedly tap the attack button to fire a constant stream of small orbs. The Super Scope runs out of ammo after 30 small shots or 3 large ones.

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