Maxim Tomato
Submitted by: DK3
December 3, 2013
Maxim Tomatoes are glowing, red tomatoes with large black "M"s in the center. They are found in most Kirby games and restore all of Kirby's health when eaten or inhaled. They are said to be Kirby's favorite food.

The foe Poppy Bros. Jr. is sometimes seen riding on a Maxim Tomato instead of an apple. If Kirby attacks Poppy with anything other than Inhale he will destroy the Maxim Tomato. Inhale will suck the Poppy Bros. off and allow Kirby to pick up the Maxim Tomato.
Kirby's Dream Land (Game Boy) - April 27, 1992
Kirby Air Ride (Nintendo GameCube) - June 9, 2003
Kirby's Return to Dream Land (Nintendo Wii) - October 24, 2011

General Information
Name   Maxim Tomato Origin   Kirby's Dream Land
Item Type   Healing Release Date   April 27, 1992
Number of Ammo/Uses   N/A Availability   Default
Use Description

    Upon picking up a Maxim Tomato, the player will recover 50% damage. This item is a very simple one, as there are no side effects.

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