Fire Flower
Submitted by: DK3
January 17, 2013
The Fire Flower is one of the many power-ups found in the Super Mario franchise, first making its appearance in Super Mario Bros. It's most common use in the series, seen mostly in the platformer games, is to turn Mario into Fire Mario and give them the ability to throw fireballs at his enemies. In some of the RPG titles, the Fire Flower has a slight variation of this ability and is just used to throw the fireballs without a transformation, damaging multiple enemies on the same turn.
Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nintendo) - October 23, 1988
Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo Wii) - November 1, 2007
New Super Mario Bros. U (Nintendo Wii U) - November 18, 2012

General Information
Name   Fire Flower Origin   Super Mario Bros.
Item Type   Projectile / Equippable Release Date   September 13, 1985
Number of Ammo/Uses   6 Availability   Default
Use Description

    When a player picks up a Fire Flower, they'll equip it, which will effectively turn their Standard Special move into a fireball hurling attack. Each fireball they throw is about twice the size of Mario's standard Fireballs and burn twice as hot. Just like Mario's Fireballs, these projectiles will bounce along the ground after being thrown and burn out after four bounces or if they hit a wall. If a fireball hits an opponent, they'll take between 10% to 16% damage from each shot.

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