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September 7, 2012
Monobear is the supposed headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy, and the main villain of Dangan Ronpa. Monobear is a mischievous anthropomorphic bear who promises the students of his thoroughly closed and locked academy freedom should they succeed in murdering another student without discovery. Monobear seems to be a mechanical construct, able to teleport and appear in front of students at will and self-destruct. He takes joy in mocking his students and watching over 'school trials', wherein the students vote for a culprit. If the correct culprit is found, Monobear personally executes the student in front of the others in a dramatic, over-the-top way. Monobear is voiced by Nobuyo Oyama of Doraemon fame.
Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and High-School Students of Despair (PlayStation Portable) - November 25, 2010
Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Academy of Despair (PlayStation Portable) - July 26, 2012

General Information
Offense   8.5 / 10 Origin   Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and High-School Students of Despair
Defense   3 / 10 Release Date   November 25, 2010
Projectile   5 / 10 Home Stage   Hope's Peak Academy
Height   4 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress  
Weight   2.5 / 10  
Speed   7.5 / 10 Taunt Up   Monobear looks directly at the camera, holds his sides, and laughs.
Attack Speed   3 / 10 Taunt Down   Monobear twirls around, appearing to wear a top hat and suit similar to Rich Uncle Pennybags from Monopopy. He will twirl around again, making it disappear.
Recovery   3 / 10 Taunt Side   Monobear pulls out a monochrome portrait of a random fighter in the match. He then paints a large red 'X' over their face before kicking it into the background, laughing.
Throwing   5 / 10 Entrance   A television screen displaying the Smash Bros. logo on it will be at Monobear's starting space. A wrecking ball with Monobear's color scheme will drop from the sky, utterly destroying it as Monobear jumps off of it. The wrecking ball will disappear at the start of the fight.
Final Smash   8 / 10 Platform   A TV with Monobear's face will appear instead of a platform. Monobear will jump out from behind the TV when a direction is pressed, kicking it into the background and causing it to explode pointlessly.
Overall   4.95 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby will gain Monobear's color scheme, as well as his singular red eye.
Special Traits

    Monobear prefers to use ironic murder weapons and set pieces from Dangan Ronpa in powerful ways. While extending his reach, they do slow his attack speed down.
    Monobear can crawl on the ground, but in an inchworm-like wriggle that is very ineffective and hardly decreases his size.
    Monobear cannot glide, wall cling, or wall jump.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Left Jab 1% - 2%   A simple left jab.
Combo (2nd)   Sucker Punch 3%   A right punch to the gut.
Combo (3rd)   Bear Bounce 6%   A jumping strike using Monobear's bottom. The momentum of this attack creates very small knockback to behind Monobear.
Combo (Rapid)   N/A  
Dash Attack   Kendo Flail 3% - 15%   Monobear closes his eyes and waves a wooden kendo sword in front of him. Hits up to five times, ends with a downward swing that has small vertical knockback.
Side Tilt   Dumbbell Smack 11% - 14%   A dumbell is swung along with a right hook. Mediocre forward knockback.
Up Tilt   Bloodstain Fever 2% - 20%   Two pairs of scissors are brought out and stabbed repeatedly at about a 75 degree angle above Monobear. Can be held for up to ten hits by holding attack button, full attack taking two and a half seconds to complete.
Down Tilt   Round N' Round 8% - 10%   A hula hoop surrounds Monobear and he hulas it. Hits right, then left.
Side Smash   Million Fungoes 18% - 30%   Takes a Tazmanian Devil-like spin forward, holding a baseball bat, before spinning back into place. Can hit twice; once on upswing, once on backswing.
Up Smash   Going Rambo 15% - 19%   Spins in place, stabbing upward once with a combat knife.
Down Smash   Crazy Diamonds 17% - 23%   Hops a bit in the air, spinning a pickaxe underneath himself in a circle.
Neutral Aerial   Sharpen Claws 6% - 9%   Monobear will extend his limbs, sharpening his claws and causing them to stick out around him at his diagonals.
Forward Aerial   Narcissist Strike 14% - 16%   Strikes the area directly in front of him with a bottle containing a Monobear figure. Good knockback.
Backward Aerial   Dumbbell Backhand 13% - 15%   Backhands an enemy with a dumbbell. Only hits directly behind Monobear; good knockback.
Upward Aerial   Whee! 6% - 9%   Does a backflip in the air, kicking upward. Only hits above Monobear; decent knockback.
Downward Aerial   Judgement Hammer 9% - 11%   Swings a small gavel underneath him. Oddly has upward knockback.
Grab Tactic   Standard Grab 0%   Reaches out and grabs his opponent.
Pummel   Discipline 2%-3%   Smacks his victim twice in quick succession.
Forward Throw   Guilty Slam 10% - 13%   Cartoonishly ties the opponent in rope and then slams them on the ground in front of Monobear, releasing them. Good forward knockback.
Backward Throw   Rolling Bear 6% - 8%   Rolls in place with his opponent before throwing them backward.
Upward Throw   Poke 3% - 5%   Pricks his opponent with his claw, causing them to jump in the air. Always a consistent distance.
Downward Throw   Greater Discipline 6% - 12%   Stomps the opponent under his foot before smacking them with a riding crop six times. Has no knockback.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Justice Hammer 2% - 40%   Monobear pulls out a hammer from behind his back, themed after the great hero of justice and pointless murder, Justice Robo! Monobear will pick a hammer at random, though the chance of him picking each hammer is roughly equal. Hammers are as follows:
Justice Hammer #1 - A dinky little thing that is probably meant to test reflexes rather than fighting. Monobear will throw it in an arc similar to a Hammer Bros. hammer. Does around 2-5%.
Justice Hammer #2 - A much more manly hammer, probably used to repair stuff with. Monobear will throw it forward, like a regular projectile. Travels at about the speed of Link's Boomerang, but its arc starts falling to the ground after two Bowser-lengths. Deals around 7-10% damage on hit. Disappears when it makes contact with the terrain.
Justice Hammer #3 - Now we're talking, something that you could murder someone with! Monobear will treat Justice Hammer #3 as a held item, with about the reach of the Star Rod. Hits with Justice Hammer #3 deal 11-14% damage on regular or tilt, and 22-26% damage using it in conjunction with a forward smash. Can be caught by other characters if thrown, but will disappear the instant it touches the ground or is hit out of Monobear's hands. Monobear cannot use this special while he is holding Hammer #3.
Justice Hammer #4 - Justice itself is served. As the hammer is too heavy to carry, Monobear will just slam it down in front of himself. The hammer is the size of Ganondorf in width, and will deal 37-40% damage to anyone it hits with massive foreward knockback. However, it requires a good two-second wind-up time, and only hits in front of Monobear. On the plus side, Monobear has super armor while swinging this hammer. Monobear can be grabbed while swinging this hammer.
Side Special   Gungir the Spear 9% - 14%   Monobear reaches above his head, summoning a magical floating spear. The spear will stay in place, completely immobile in the air, for as long as Monobear wishes. If Monobear is KO'd, the spear will disappear. The next time Monobear uses his regular, side, or down special move, the spear will react. If Monobear uses his regular special, the spear will travel upward at a forty-five degree angle. If Monobear uses his side special, the spear will travel straight forward. If Monobear uses his down special, the spear will travel downward at a forty-five degree angle. If Monobear uses his upward taunt, the spear will change direction if it is stationary. The Gungnir Spear will travel through stages, and will deal 9-14% damage upon contact, with decent knockback in the opposite direction that the spear is traveling (though it will not cause a meteor smash in the case of the upward spear). The spear travels at roughly the speed of one of Link's arrows.
Up Special   Flight of the Monobear 3% - 5%   Monobear will pull out two Monobear Files, extending them out like wings. Monobear will then struggle to pull himself up, attempting to fly using two entirely normal black folders. Surprisingly, this will actually work to some extent, Monobear being able to boost himself up about his body's height over the course of two seconds. Anyone who touches Monobear's files will take 3-5% damage, though Monobear himself is still an entirely hittable target. After the two seconds are up, Monobear's arms will get tired, and he will enter a state of freefall.
Down Special   Kamikaze Kuma 16% - 22%   Monobear will simply stand in place for a moment, a gleam from his red eye shining over his body. If Monobear is not attacked within half of a second after he activates this, he will suffer a small explosion inside, dealing 5% damage to himself and being knocked onto his back, vulnerable during the whole animation. However, should an opponent attack Monobear, he will detonate himself. This will still deal 5% damage to Monobear, but the resulting explosion will surround his character model, dealing 16-22% damage to any foe that happened to be hitting him, with great knockback. As for Monobear, he will be fine after the explosion... somehow. Bears are magic like that.
Final Smash   Punishment Time! ?%   Monobear will jump happily as a massive slot machine takes over the background, himself still glowing with power. Over the course of three seconds, the slot machine will select the face of a random opponent in the match, lining up a row of their faces and causing a large 'GUILTY' to appear above their head. Monobear will then have seven seconds to hit the selected opponent with a single non-projectile attack. If Monobear is unable, his Final Smash will end with no fanfare and a disappointed sigh. If he is able to hit his opponent, however, Monobear will trigger a cinematic cutscene where the opponent is punched into a courtroom. Monobear will appear at a judge's desk before pressing a button in front of the opponent. The opponent will be dragged behind massive doors with Monobear's face on them by a mysterious force, where large amounts of screaming will be heard. As the doors lock behind them, Monobear makes some cute poses, before an article of clothing from the opponent, with Dangan Ronpa's signature pink "looks like someone spilled peach jam all over the place" blood covering it. Monobear will attempt to put the article of clothing on, laughing. The match will then resume as normal, with the opponent having one less stock and on their recovery platform and Monobear on the ground closest to where he hit the opponent into his cinematic.
Theme Music
Song Title   Mr. Monokuma's Lesson
From   Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and High-School Students of Despair
Composer(s)   Masafumi Takada
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