Submitted by: James007
December 19, 2012
Steve or the Player is what the user controls on the PC game called Minecraft, Steve is shown as the player’s main character of the game where people create a world, to be creative of ideas or survive to encountering creatures like Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons and more. Steve is shown as the main character of the Minecraft World.

Players use the main character called Steve, or the Player, to travel the world, seeing what the world have come for the people. From building land to mining caves and travelling from the Neather to battle Zombie Pigmen and The End to battle the Ender Dragon.
Minecraft (PC) - May 17, 2011

General Information
Offense   4.5 / 10 Origin   Minecraft
Defense   3.5 / 10 Release Date   May 17, 2011
Projectile   3 / 10 Home Stage   The Overworld
Height   5 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   None
Weight   4.5 / 10  
Speed   5 / 10 Taunt Up   Steve will jump up swinging his hand around.
Attack Speed   3 / 10 Taunt Down   A tamed wolf appears and Steve pet’s it.
Recovery   6 / 10 Taunt Side   Steve splash potions around him.
Throwing   4 / 10 Entrance   Steve pop out of nowhere with text saying ‘Steve has signed in’ and then the text will disappear.
Final Smash   6.5 / 10 Platform   Steve’s platform will be blocks of bedrock.
Overall   4.5 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby gets a mask of Steve’s face.
Special Traits

    Steve’s Mob Spawn Special move will release the following mobs, Creeper & Charged Creepers = Explosions, Skeletons = Projectiles, Wolf, Zombie Pigman & Zombies = Attack close opponent, Blaze & Ghast = Fire Damage.
    Steve’s Pickaxe and sword moves have different damage depend what type of weapon he has, those types of weapons are Wooden Planks, Cobblestone, Iron, Gold and Diamond.
    Steve can’t Glide, Crawl, Wall Jump, or Wall Cling.
    Steve have many alternate costumes, from playable characters to bosses, via a mode which allow to make alternate costumes.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Right Punch 3%   Steve swing his right arm/hand
Combo (2nd)   N/A  
Combo (3rd)   N/A  
Combo (Rapid)   Right Punches 3%   Steve repeatedly swing his right arm/hand
Dash Attack   Minecart 6%   A minecart appear below Steve and Steve start riding it
Side Tilt   Pickaxe 2% - 8%   Steve swing his pickaxe.
Up Tilt   Falling Sand 4%   Steve place a sand 1 Kirby standing and 1 Kirby jumping and the sand start falling.
Down Tilt   Blaze Rod 6%   Steve swings his blaze rod.
Side Smash   Sword 5% - 11%   Steve swing his sword.
Up Smash   Thunderstorm 9%   Steve release a Thunderstorm which appear above him.
Down Smash   Flint and Steel 4% - 6%   Steve release a Flint and Steel and a fire appears for 4 seconds.
Neutral Aerial   Potions 3% - 9%   Steve shoots out a potion, if it hit the ground, nothing happened, but if it hit the opponent, they get poisoned for 4 seconds.
Forward Aerial   Bucket of Water 5%   Steve dropped at bucket full of water and then the water fall to the ground and soon disappears for 5 seconds.
Backward Aerial   Snowball 4% - 8%   Steve shoots a snowball behind him.
Upward Aerial   Bucket of Lava 15%   Steve release a bucket of Lava above him and the lava fall to the ground and soon disappear for 5 seconds.
Downward Aerial   Magma Cube 7%   Steve release a Magma cube which can be a Meteor Smash on the opponent.
Grab Tactic   Fishing Rod 4%   Steve swing his fishing rod, with the string going 3 Kirby’s standing before pulling it back in.
Pummel   Right Punch 3%   Steve punches his grabbed opponent.
Forward Throw   Wolf 5% - 10%   A Wolf appear behind Steve and start to mauled on his opponent.
Backward Throw   Iron Golem 17%   An Iron Golem appears behind the opponent and throws them behind Steve.
Upward Throw   Enderman 11%   An Enderman appears behind the opponent and throws them upwards.
Downward Throw   Creeper 25%   Steve swings his opponent to the ground and a Creeper fall down and exploded.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Bow and Arrows 4% - 8%   Steve will pop out a bow and Starts firing an arrow, if the Special Button is hold down, the arrow will shoot far, dealing more damage.
Side Special   Pig Ram 4% - 8%   Steve will jump up and then a pig will appear under Steve, then the pig will start running until it ram into an opponent or a wall, it can run off the edge. Steve can move the pig around by moving the Control Stick, Steve can also jump off the pig when the Jump button is pressed. If Steve jumped off the pig, the pig will stop for 5 seconds, when 5 seconds are up, the pig will disappear. Also, like Wario’s Wario Bike move, Steve can hop back on the pig.
Up Special   TNT 4% - 11%   A TNT Appears from next to Steve, Steve attacks the TNT and it starts flashing for 4 seconds before it explodes, if the TNT explode right next to an opponent, they’ll do damage, If Steve is on the air, he’ll place the TNT underneath him. The downside that the TNT can also hurt Steve.
Down Special   Mob Spawn 3% - 15%   Steve will release any mob at random, each mobs deal different damage. The mobs will be around for only a short time or by defeating them.
Final Smash   Ender Dragon 35%   A Portal from The End appears behind Steve and the an Ender Dragon appears and start attacking, via flying fast in a straight line, to the opponents before another The End Portal appears in front of the Ender Dragon.
Theme Music
Song Title   Calm1
From   Minecraft
Composer(s)   C418
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