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September 7, 2012
Victini first appeared in the fifth generation of Pokemon, in Black and White, and has shown itself to be a star of the generation. Victini is the Victory Pokemon, and is said to generate infinite power inside its body, which it shares with its trainers to ensure victory. Victini is also the only Fire / Psychic type Pokemon as of yet, and is number 000 in the Pokedex. The ‘V’ on Victini’s head could also represent the Roman numeral 5, the generation it first appeared in.
Pokémon Black & White (Nintendo DS) - September 18, 2010
PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond (Nintendo Wii) - November 12, 2011
Pokémon Black & White 2 (Nintendo DS) - June 23, 2012

General Information
Offense   2.5 / 10 Origin   Pokémon Black & White
Defense   4 / 10 Release Date   September 18, 2010
Projectile   7.5 / 10 Home Stage   Liberty Garden
Height   3 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress  
Weight   2.5 / 10  
Speed   8 / 10 Taunt Up   Victini spins around twice and floats slightly upwards, before facing the camera and winking, while throwing its fingers up in a ‘V’.
Attack Speed   6 / 10 Taunt Down   Victini faces the camera and shows a focused battle face, before lifting one of its arms up by its head. Victini then brings its arm down abruptly in a diagonal and snaps, leaving a small trail of flame in front of it.
Recovery   7.5 / 10 Taunt Side   Victini pulls out a macaron from behind it, and slightly curls up, taking a bite out of it before tossing it aside.
Throwing   3.5 / 10 Entrance   A Pokeball is thrown onto the stage and opens, releasing Victini for battle.
Final Smash   9 / 10 Platform   Victini returns on a platform made of a circle of metal, colored as a Pokeball, with flames shooting out the bottom.
Overall   5.35 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby gains Victini’s V-shaped ears and small fangs.
Special Traits

    Victini always floats except when it is knocked to the ground.
    Victini has the ability to both glide and fly, temporarily.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Victory Slap 2% - 3%   Victini quickly slaps forward with its right hand open.
Combo (2nd)   Victory Kick 3% - 5%   Victini lifts itself up slightly and thrusts its left foot forward.
Combo (3rd)   N/A 0%   N/A
Combo (Rapid)   Rapid Slap 1%   Victini rapidly slaps forward with its left palm repeatedly.
Dash Attack   Victory X 4% - 6%   Victini dashes forward while floating, then crosses its arms before making contact with the opponent, opening its arms and bashing with its arms.
Side Tilt   V Kick 4% - 6%   Victini lifts its legs up and kicks forward twice.
Up Tilt   Victory Loop 3% - 7%   Victini flies upwards and into a loop, kicking upwards at the peak of the loop, before returning to its normal stance.
Down Tilt   Underburner 4% - 7%   Victini raises slightly higher off the ground and points downward with both hands, creating a small burst of fire under it.
Side Smash   Twin Burner 8% - 14%   Victini lifts one of its arms upwards and fires off a shot of flame in front of it, and raises its other hand to do the same.
Up Smash   Arc de Triomphe 11% - 18%   Victini raises both of its arms above its head, and brings them down in an arc with its fingers pointed, leaving an arc of flames above Victini’s head.
Down Smash   Pirouette of Flames 12% - 16%   Victini kicks both of its feet into a point, then quickly spins, making a small cyclone of flames underneath it.
Neutral Aerial   Star Smash 4% - 7%   Victini lifts both hands above its head and smashes them down in front of it.
Forward Aerial   Victory Strike 5% - 9%   Victini stabs forward with its fingers extended, creating quick bursts of flames.
Backward Aerial   Back Kick 4% - 7%   Victini lifts both its feet and kicks backwards.
Upward Aerial   Victory Star 7% - 10%   Victini lifts its arms above its head and snaps, creating a star of fire above its head.
Downward Aerial   Victory Twist 5% - 7%   Victini puts both its feet down and twists, making a tornado of flames underneath it.
Grab Tactic   Psychic Grab 0%   Victini uses its Psychic powers to lift the opponent up.
Pummel   Psycho Slap 2% - 3%   Victini uses its Psychic powers to slap the held opponent over and over again.
Forward Throw   Psycho Lift 5% - 10%   Victini rolls the opponent over in the air and tosses them upwards slightly.
Backward Throw   Psycho Sling 4% - 8%   Victini pushes the opponent away from them, then sends them reeling behind Victini.
Upward Throw   Raise and Braze 6% - 12%   Victini lifts the opponent above its head and points upward, creating a series of small, flaming explosions on the opponent.
Downward Throw   Victory Squash 7% - 12%   Victini throws the opponent to the ground, then smashes downward onto them.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Searing Shot 5% - 17%   Victini pulls its arms in front of him similar to Lucario charging an Aura Sphere, and begins charging a ball of fire in its hands. When fired without charging, it is launched as a simple ball of flame forward, dissipating after a while if it hasn’t made contact with an object or character. If charged all the way, Victini launches a series of fireballs forward, which move faster and farther. However, Victini has to either not charge, or charge all the way for this attack.
Side Special   Flame Charge 8% - 11%   Victini lowers its head and charges forward, creating a trail of fire behind it as it does. Victini does good damage to opponents as it rams into it, and the trail of fire lingers for a few seconds to burn and trap any opponents.
Up Special   Zen Headbutt 6% - 10%   Victini rapidly shoots up into the air a very good distance, with a spark of psychokinetic energy on its head, slamming into opponents and causing them to fly upwards and away. At the peak of the attack, Victini grabs the spark and hurls it downwards, creating a weak projectile to hit opponents with.
Down Special   Future Sight 9% - 12%   Victini faces the camera and raises both hands into the air, creating an orange glow around itself. This glow lasts for 7 seconds, and the attack cannot be used again until it is finished. Victini is able to move and attack like normal, but glows orange. After 7 seconds, Victini raises its arms again, and creates a large burst of powerful Psychic energy around it.
Final Smash   V-Create 25% - 40%   Victini quickly flies to the center of the stage and curls up into a ball for a few seconds, before quickly uncurling and creating a giant flaming ‘V’ in the middle of the stage, which expands and shoots outward, passing by the whole stage. This attack not only burns and damages opponents, but it pushes them away as well, similar to Tabuu’s Butterfly Attack, though not quite as powerful.
Theme Music
Song Title   Victini Battle
From   Pokémon Black & White
Composer(s)   Junichi Masuda
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