Young Link
Submitted by: DK3
January 18, 2013
Young Link is essentially Link in his childhood ages. This incarnation of Young Link derives from the Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask games on the Nintendo 64 and the story they told. Young Link grew up residing in a village deep within the Kokiri Forest believing to be one of the local Kokiri. It wasn't until the Great Deku Tree summoned him before he was told of his true origins, being that he was indeed a Hylian and unlike the true Kokiris, he ages in time. In Smash Bros., he uses his Deku Shield and Kokiri Sword as his primary weapons, unlike in Majora's Mask where he was able to equip the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64) - November 21, 1998
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64) - April 27, 2000
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (Nintendo 3DS) - June 16, 2011

General Information
Offense   3.5 / 10 Origin   The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Defense   8.5 / 10 Release Date   November 21, 1998
Projectile   8 / 10 Home Stage   Clock Town
Height   4 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Fujiko Takimoto
Weight   4.5 / 10  
Speed   6 / 10 Taunt Up   Tatl appears from behind Young Link as he takes notice of her presence, she then sounds her "dinging" voice before hiding again.
Attack Speed   6 / 10 Taunt Down   Young Link takes out a bottle of Lon Lon Milk and chugs it down before putting the empty bottle away.
Recovery   6.5 / 10 Taunt Side   The three Spiritual Stones appear and rotate around Young Link as he holds his sword high in the air.
Throwing   7 / 10 Entrance   Young Link descends to the stage in a bright light before taking out his sword and prepping for combat.
Final Smash   6 / 10 Platform   Young Link's platform is comprised of various masks from Majora's Mask, including such masks as the Stone Mask, Blast Mask, Postman's Hat, Gibdo Mask, Keaton Mask, and a variety of others.
Overall   6 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby gains Young Link's green hat, blonde hair, and Hylian ears.
Special Traits

    Young Link can crawl, but cannot Wall Jump or Wall Cling.
    Young Link can glide, but only directly after having performed his Up Special attack.
    Young Link's Deku Shield is moderately effective at blocking smaller, incoming projectiles, but any fire-based attacks will burn straight through it.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Left Slice 1% - 3%   Young Link slices to his left using his sword.
Combo (2nd)   Right Slice 1% - 2%   Young Link slices to his right with his sword.
Combo (3rd)   Stab 2% - 3%   Young Link thrusts forward with the tip of his blade, stabbing his foe.
Combo (Rapid)   N/A  
Dash Attack   Running Stab 4% - 6%   As Young Link dashes forward, he stabs with his blade and slides along the ground a bit.
Side Tilt   Forward Slice 3% - 7%   Young Link steps forward as he swipes his sword in a slicing motion.
Up Tilt   Upward Stab 3% - 8%   Young Link stabs vertically towards the sky with his blade.
Down Tilt   Low Slice 4% - 8%   Young Link sweeps his sword along the ground quickly as he crouches.
Side Smash   Great Fairy Slash 14% - 22%   Young Link uses his Great Fairy Sword and slams it down hard in front of himself with tremendous force.
Up Smash   Gilded Slash 13% - 20%   Young Link slashes overhead using his Gilded Sword from in front of himself to behind.
Down Smash   Cyclone Slash 13% - 19%   Young Link charges up his sword before spinning in place with his blade fully extended, causing a short whirlwind.
Neutral Aerial   Sword Spin 5% - 8%   Young Link spins in the air as he slices around himself with his sword.
Forward Aerial   Flying Stab 4% - 8%   Young Link stabs forward while in the air, slicing through his opponent as he moves slightly forward.
Backward Aerial   Double Slice 4% - 9%   Young Link slices with his sword behind himself twice while in midair.
Upward Aerial   Moon Slice 5% - 8%   Young Link slices overhead from front to back while airbourne.
Downward Aerial   Down Slice 4% - 8%   Young Link slices below himself from one side to the other while in the air.
Grab Tactic   Hookshot 2%   Young Link uses his Hookshot and fires the device forward, attempt to latch on to his victim and drag them back to him.
Pummel   Hilt Strike 1% - 3%   Young Link bashes the hilt of his sword into his opponent's head.
Forward Throw   Slingshot 3% - 7%   Young Link kicks the opponent away from him before taking out his Fairy Slingshot and firing a quick Deku Seed at them.
Backward Throw   Elbow Drop 4% - 7%   Young Link drops his opponent to their back by tripping them before dropping on top of them with an elbow strike.
Upward Throw   Deku Stick 5% - 9%   Young Link tosses his opponent upwards before smacking them with a Deku Stick, breaking it in the process.
Downward Throw   Sword Slam 4% - 8%   Young Link drops his opponent to the ground with a quick trip before slamming his blade down on them.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Hero's Bow 5% - 14%   Young Link takes out his Hero's Bow and strings an arrow before pulling back. The longer the attack is charged for, the faster the arrow will travel, but the shot will travel relatively the same distance whether the attack is charged or not. If Young Link charges the attack to its maximum charge, the arrow will ignite and become a Fire Arrow, which can burn it target and cause added damage after the attack has landed.
Side Special   Boomerang 4% - 7%   Young Link will throw his boomerang forwards, which will travel a lengthy distance before turning around and returning back to Young Link. The boomerang will return sooner if it connects with an opponent quicker. If the boomerang misses Young Link on its return trip, it'll keep travelling until it exits the screen. Only one boomerang can exist on the screen at a time.
Up Special   Song of Soaring 6% - 11%   The Song of Soaring is heard as Link becomes cocooned in an owl's wing and spins upwards in a strong updraft. If Young Link connects with an opponent while being propelled into the air, he'll strike his opponents with a sudden gust of feathers and knock them away. After the attack ceases, the wing will enravel and leave Young Link to fend for himself and return to the stage.
Down Special   Deku Mask 0%   Young Link takes out the Deku Mask and applies it to his face as he turns towards the camera. Doing so begins his transformation into Deku Link, an addition, fully-playable character, similar to Zelda's transformation into Sheik in both Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If Young Link is attacked as he attempts to transform, the process will be interrupted and the player will be left as Young Link.
Final Smash   Deity Beams 12% - 35%   Young Link will take out his Fierce Deity mask and put it on over his face. As he does this, Young Link cannot be interrupted as he could be with his other mask transformations. With Young Link's transformation into Fierce Deity Link, the mask will send up to three sizable beams of energy in random directions across the screen that can inflict repeated damaging strikes on any opponents caught in them. These beams are brief however, and will disappear after the transformation is finished, which takes about three seconds.
Theme Music
Song Title   Clock Town (Second Day)
From   The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Composer(s)   Koji Kondo / Toru Minegishi
Deku Link
Submitted by: DK3
January 18, 2013
After Link found his way through the forest in hot pursuit of Skull Kid, chasing down his stolen horse and Ocarina of Time in Majora's Mask, he fell down a large chasm in a cave which led him to the parallel dimension known as Termina. At the bottom of this pit, Link encountered Skull Kid, who proceeded to taunt the young hero and curse him with the appearance of a Deku Scrub. Skull Kid then made his escape. Shortly afterwards, Deku Link met the Happy Mask Salesman, who promised him that he could heal Link from this curse if he could recover his stolen Ocarina from Skull Kid along with the mask he wore, Majora's Mask.
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64) - April 27, 2000

General Information
Offense   3 / 10 Origin   The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Defense   4 / 10 Release Date   April 27, 2000
Projectile   8.5 / 10 Home Stage   Clock Town
Height   2.5 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Nobuyuki Hiyama
Weight   3 / 10  
Speed   8.5 / 10 Taunt Up   Deku Link inflates a bubble with his mouth that slightly lifts him off the ground before popping, which drops Deku Link back to the ground.
Attack Speed   8.5 / 10 Taunt Down   Flowers briefly begin sprouting and growing around Deku Link before they fade back into the ground.
Recovery   9 / 10 Taunt Side   Deku Link turns to face the camera for a second as he shrugs and shakes his head towards the screen.
Throwing   6 / 10 Entrance   A Deku Flower sprouts up from the ground as Deku Link bursts out of it.
Final Smash   6 / 10 Platform   A fully-bloomed Deku Flower serves as Deku Link's platform.
Overall   5.9 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby gains Deku Link's green hat, sad eyes, and mouth.
Special Traits

    Deku Link cannot Crawl, Wall Jump, or Wall Cling.
    Deku Link can glide at any time by making use of his Deku Flowers.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Headbutt 2%   Deku Link throws his head downward, smacking it into his enemy.
Combo (2nd)   Head Lift 1% - 2%   Deku Link throws his head up and backwards, striking his opponent a second time.
Combo (3rd)   N/A  
Combo (Rapid)   Deku Burst 1% - 3%   Deku Link creates quick and rapid, small bursts from his snout, attacking his foe repeatedly by doing so.
Dash Attack   Deku Spin 5% - 7%   Deku Link spins as he slides forward along the ground in a sudden burst of speed.
Side Tilt   Bubble Burst 4% - 6%   Deku Link blows a small bubble with his mouth before it bursts.
Up Tilt   Flower Sprout 4% - 7%   Deku waves a flower through the air overhead, lightly striking his opponent.
Down Tilt   Toxic Water 5% - 8%   Deku Link stomps his feet on the ground which causes a small wave of poisonous water to bubble up around him.
Side Smash   Bubble Blast 14% - 19%   Deku Link creates a large bubble with his mouth that explodes and damages his enemies in front of him.
Up Smash   Deku Baba 12% - 20%   A Deku Baba sprouts up around Deku Link and bites overhead of him with a sharp chomp.
Down Smash   Poisonous Blossom 12% - 17%   Deku Link stomps the ground before toxic flowers jolt up from the ground and poison his foes.
Neutral Aerial   Bubble Flip 4% - 8%   Deku Link quickly encases himself in a bubble before flipping forward and striking any foes in close range.
Forward Aerial   Aerial Spin 3% - 9%   Deku Link performs a spinning headbutt forwards while in the air.
Backward Aerial   Hat Whip 4% - 7%   Deku Link whips his hat behind himself, striking any opponents close to him.
Upward Aerial   Bubble Inflate 3% - 8%   Deku Link inflates a bubble with his mouth as he looks up, attacking enemies overhead.
Downward Aerial   Deku Drop 6% - 9%   Deku Link drops down at a fast rate and slams into the ground in a suicide dive fashion.
Grab Tactic   Suction 0%   Deku Link inhales any close-by opponents using his open mouth.
Pummel   Ground Slam 1% - 2%   Deku Link slams his foe on the ground.
Forward Throw   Bubble Trap 2% - 5%   Deku Link blows a quick bubble, which encases his opponent temporarily and immobilizes them until the bubble breaks.
Backward Throw   Spin Toss 3% - 7%   Deku Link spins rapidly on one foot before releasing the foe in a backwards direction.
Upward Throw   Bubble Spiral 5% - 8%   Deku Link spits his foe upwards as they travel in a spiral movement.
Downward Throw   Hop & Stomp 4% - 8%   Deku Link hops up and stomps on his opponent after he drops them to the ground.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Bubble Shot 4% - 9%   Deku Link will blow a bubble up with his mouth. The longer the player charges the attack, the larger the bubble will grow. While the player is charging this attack, the Control Stick can be used to assist Deku link in aiming his subsequent shot in any direction. Once the Special Move button is released, Deku Link will release the bubble and fire it off is a spirally, but straight trajectory. If the bubble connects with an enemy target, it'll have a fifty percent chance of poisoning the foe, which will cause addition damage over the next few seconds. The charge level of the shot will determine how long this could potentially last as well.
Side Special   Deku Nut 2% - 5%   Deku Link will fire a quick Deku Nut from his open mouth, this attack is sudden and does not need any charging. This Deku Nut does not cause any explosion as they did in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, instead it simply bursts open and stuns any foe that it strikes. The amount of time the opponent is stunned for is determined by the amount of damage percentage they currently have accumulated. The more damage the enemy currently has, the longer they will be stunned. Any attacks they suffer from follow the Deku Nut will wake them up, unless they recovered from the stun prior to being struck again. This attack is a very short-ranged projectile.
Up Special   Flower Flight 8% - 13%   A Deku Flower will appear under Deku Link, even if he's in midair, before he burrows into it. A brief moment later, he'll be fired upwards out of it at a high velocity and slam through any opponents in his way. The player can hold down the Special Move button and charge the attack up further, but Deku Link can eject from the bud as soon as a puff of smoke is seen spurting from it. By charging up, Deku Link can reach greater heights with the attack. After ascending to his peak height, Deku Link can utilize two fully bloomed Deku Flowers to glide back to the stage.
Down Special   Goron Mask 0%   Deku Link takes out a Goron Mask and puts it on over his current Deku Mask, transforming himself into Goron Link. If he is struck by any attacks or projectiles while he attempts to complete his transformation, the process will be cancelled and the player will remain as Deku Link.
Final Smash   Deity Bloom 18% - 28%   Deku Link will take out the Fierce Deity Mask and put it on right away, being immune to any attacks while doing so. After putting the mask on, he'll begin transforming into Fierce Deity Link, which causes a plume of toxic leaves to burst from the mask and severly poison all players in a moderate proximity to Deku Link, causing a fair amount of damage to them. After the transformation is complete, the player will take control of Fierce Deity Link.
Theme Music
Song Title   Deku Palace
From   The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Composer(s)   Koji Kondo / Toru Minegishi
Goron Link
Submitted by: DK3
January 18, 2013
When Young Link travelled to the northern quarter of Termina, he came across the snowy peaks of Snowhead. There he discovered the home of the Gorons who have been cursed with an endless winter.As he explored the nearby frozen areas, he was encountered by a ghostly Goron named Darmani, who begs of Young Link to follow him to his grave. By using the Lens of Truth, Young Link was able to reach the grave site found high on a mountain peak, where he healed Darmani by using the Song of Healing. Before Darmani embarks to his eternal slumber, he first gives Young Link the Goron Mask.
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64) - April 27, 2000

General Information
Offense   9 / 10 Origin   The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Defense   8.5 / 10 Release Date   April 27, 2000
Projectile   0 / 10 Home Stage   Clock Town
Height   6 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Nobuyuki Hiyama
Weight   9.5 / 10  
Speed   3 / 10 Taunt Up   The Goron Elder's Son appears from behind Goron Link as he rolls along the ground in a circle around him.
Attack Speed   2.5 / 10 Taunt Down   Goron Link takes out his Drums of Sleep and plays the Lullaby Intro before putting them away.
Recovery   5 / 10 Taunt Side   Goron Link sits down before scratching his head.
Throwing   8 / 10 Entrance   A boulder crashes into Goron Link's starting position before it uncurls and turns out to be Goron Link.
Final Smash   6 / 10 Platform   Goron Link's platform is a Rock Sirloin.
Overall   5.75 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby gains Goron Link's facial features, white hair, and green hat.
Special Traits

    Due to Goron Link's size and weight, he cannot Crawl, Wall Jump, Wall Cling, or Glide.
    Goron Link is the powerhouse character of Young Link's transformations, having great offense, defense, and weight, but is quite slow and takes a brief moment before he attacks.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Left Uppercut 2% - 3%   Goron Link throws a wild uppercut with his left arm.
Combo (2nd)   Right Uppercut 2% - 3%   Goron Link steps forward as he swings a second uppercut with his right arm.
Combo (3rd)   Goron Rump 2% - 4%   Goron Link turns around and thrusts his rear end forward, striking his foe with it.
Combo (Rapid)   N/A  
Dash Attack   Goron Roll 5% - 9%   Goron Link curls up into a boulder and rolls forward, plowing down his foes.
Side Tilt   Front Kick 7% - 9%   Goron Link throws a strong kick forward as he turns to his side.
Up Tilt   High Clap 5% - 10%   Goron Link claps his hands together over his head, striking his foe.
Down Tilt   Low Clap 6% - 8%   While Goron Link is crouching, he'll clap his hands together close to the ground.
Side Smash   Flame Punch 20% - 24%   Goron Link throws a powerful haymaker forward with a flaming fist.
Up Smash   Boulder Breaker 15% - 25%   Goron Link picks up a sizable boulder and breaks it over his head, damaging his opponents as well as sending small chunks of it upwards.
Down Smash   Ground Smash 18% - 26%   Goron Link curls into a boulder before leaping up and slamming his body back down into the ground.
Neutral Aerial   Aerial Kick 7% - 10%   Goron Link strikes with a flying kick forward.
Forward Aerial   Head Thrust 7% - 12%   Goron Link throws his head downward in front of himself while airbourne.
Backward Aerial   Reverse Kick 6% - 9%   Goron Link kicks outward behind himself with a short, aerial kick.
Upward Aerial   Flying Clap 7% - 10%   Goron Link claps his hands together overhead while he's in midair.
Downward Aerial   Meteor Dive 9% - 14%   Goron Link plummets towards the ground at a high speed as he burns and leaves a short trail of flames behind himself.
Grab Tactic   Standard Grab 0%   Goron Link reaches outward and attempts to grab a close by foe.
Pummel   Rock Headbutt 2% - 4%   Goron Link uses his rock-hard head to bash into his opponent.
Forward Throw   Biggoron Swing 6% - 9%   Goron Link grabs his opponent by their legs and swings them in circles before launching them off in a forward direction.
Backward Throw   Rock Rump 7% - 9%   Goron Link moves his foe behind himself before slamming a heavy hip into them.
Upward Throw   Gut Punch 6% - 9%   Goron Link thrusts his fist into the abdomen of his foe, causing them to be sent upwards.
Downward Throw   Goron Senton 7% - 10%   Goron Link slams his foe into the ground before throwing himself on top of them.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Powder Keg 12% - 24%   Goron Link lifts a Powder Keg up over his head, allowing him to toss it when he's ready to with a second press of the Special Move button. This Powder Keg is a quite heavy object, but due to Goron Link's strength, he can carry and toss it relatively easily. The Powder Keg has a fairly long fuse timer on it, and ranges between 5 to 8 seconds before it detonates. If it is attacked enough, or slightly with any fire-based attack, it'll skip the fuse timer and explode instantly. It's explosion is larger than most other characters' explosive projectiles or objects, and can cause higher amounts of damage than the others.
Side Special   Spike Roll 9% - 17%   Using this attack, Goron Link will curl up into a sphere and as long as the player holds the Special Move button down, he'll rapidly spin in place as he grinds against the ground. Once the player releases the Special Move button, Goron Link will boost forward in a sudden burst of speed across the ground, like Jigglypuff's RollOut or Yoshi's Egg Roll in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Goron Link can turn around middash as he chooses, but it takes more room to do so than it would the other characters. If fully charged, Goron Link will become covered in spikes surrounding his spherical body, which will harm his foes for more damage than without them.
Up Special   Darmani Ascent 3% - 8%   Goron Link will instantly become the ghostly spirit of Darmani before flying upwards a moderate distance in typical, ghostly fashion. While Darmani's spirit is ascending, any opponents in his flight path will be absorbed into the spirit and repeatedly inflicted with small amounts of damage. At the top of Darmani's ascent, they'll simply fall out of the spirit while it transforms back into Goron Link, leaving him to defend himself and return to the stage. While in spirit form, Goron Link is completely invulnerable to all forms of knockback, but can still take damage from well-timed or distant attacks that connect with him, as well as projectiles.
Down Special   Zora Mask 0%   Goron Link takes out a Zora Mask and puts it on right away, beginning his transformation into Zora Link. During the process, Goron Link lets out a terrifying scream before a bright flash of light emits from him, then fades away and reveals Zora Link. The whole process only takes about 2 to 3 seconds, but if struck while attempting the switch, Goron Link will stumble and the transformation will be cancelled.
Final Smash   Deity Destruction 40% - 54%   Goron Link will take out the Fierce Deity Mask before putting it on over the Goron Mask. During Goron Link's transformation, Darmani's spirit rises from his body and off the top of the screen before an avalanche of multiple, large, snow-covered boulders rain down on the stage, one at a time in seemingly random points on the stage. Between five to seven boulders will fall from the sky and crash into the stage, each causing approximately 40%-50% damage.
Theme Music
Song Title   Goron Village
From   The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Composer(s)   Koji Kondo / Toru Minegishi
Zora Link
Submitted by: DK3
January 18, 2013
After Link is reunited with Epona on Romani Ranch, with her assistance he is able to reach the coastline of Termina known as the Great Bay. Here he finds a dying Zora just off the shore floating in the waters of the ocean. After bringing him back to the beach, he listens to his tale of woe, finding that he is Mikau, the guiatrist of the Zora band, The Indigo-Go's. He learns that the Zora was trying to return the stolen eggs of the band's vocalist, Lulu, from the local Gerudo stronghold, the Pirates' Fortress. Unfortunately, the Gerudos had defeated him and disposed of him in the sea. Now severly injured, Mikau begs of Link's help to finish the task he had failed to achieve. Link accepts, healing his soul with the Song of Healing, and retrieve the Zora Mask.
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64) - April 27, 2000

General Information
Offense   5 / 10 Origin   The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Defense   4.5 / 10 Release Date   April 27, 2000
Projectile   6 / 10 Home Stage   Clock Town
Height   7 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Nobuyuki Hiyama
Weight   5.5 / 10  
Speed   6.5 / 10 Taunt Up   Zora Link strikes a quick, fierce fighting pose as he grunts, "Yaaah!"
Attack Speed   6.5 / 10 Taunt Down   Seven newly born Zora tadpoles swim around Zora Link quickly before disappearing behind him.
Recovery   6 / 10 Taunt Side   Zora Link takes out the Guitar of Waves and strums it once before putting it away.
Throwing   4.5 / 10 Entrance   Zora Link jumps out of a puddle of water on the ground that soon dries up afterwards.
Final Smash   6 / 10 Platform   Zora Link reappears on a platform comprised of seven Zora Eggs.
Overall   5.75 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby gains all the facial features of a Zora, including the fin on their back, and their pointed nose.
Special Traits

    Zora Link can Wall Jump and Crawl but cannot Wall Cling or Glide.
    Zora Link resorts to not only using his physical fighting capabilities, but also an assortment of water-based skills.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Left Fin 2% - 3%   Zora Link slices with his left fin.
Combo (2nd)   Right Fin 2%   Zora Link slices again with his right fin.
Combo (3rd)   Side Kick 2% - 4%   Zora Link turns to his side and strikes forward with a kick.
Combo (Rapid)   N/A  
Dash Attack   Dive Attack 3% -87%   While dashing, Zora Link will jump and dive forward, rolling back to his feet after hitting the ground.
Side Tilt   Fin Slice 4% - 12%   Zora Link steps forward and slices with a sharp fin, by pressing the attack button a second time, Zora Link can slice a second time.
Up Tilt   High Kick 5% - 8%   Zora Link kicks almost vertically with a long, high kick.
Down Tilt   Low Slice 4% - 7%   While crouching, Zora Link slices low to the ground with both of his sharp fins.
Side Smash   Tidal Wave 12% - 22%   Zora Link charges back and unleashes a short-lived, torrential wall of water immediately in front of himself.
Up Smash   Upstream Spiral 9% - 24%   Zora Link extends his hands upwards before releasing a spiralling pillar of water. This attack has a fair bit a upward range and can hit multiple times.
Down Smash   Vortex Strike 13% - 21%   Zora Link calls for a vortex of torrential waters to circle him momentarily and inflict damage upon his foes.
Neutral Aerial   Fin Spin 4% - 8%   Zora Link spins in midair as he slices around himself with his sharp fins.
Forward Aerial   Flying Kick 5% - 7%   Zora Link kicks forward with a swift foot while in the air.
Backward Aerial   Double Fin Slice 5% - 10%   Zora Link jabs his sharp fins backwards while in the air, stirking with both of them at the same time.
Upward Aerial   Wave Slash 4% - 9%   Zora Link strikes with both of his bladed fins overhead as they splash water from their tips.
Downward Aerial   High Dive 4% - 8%   Zora Link performs a high dive as he plummets to the ground and slices his foes with his blade-like fins.
Grab Tactic   Standard Grab 0%   Zora Link reaches out for an opponent to grab.
Pummel   Captive Knee 2% - 3%   Zora Link strikes his captured foe with a hard knee.
Forward Throw   Elbow Bash 4% - 7%   Zora Link smashes his elbow into his opponent's forehead.
Backward Throw   Zora Flip 4% - 6%   Zora Link rolls backwards as he kicks his opponent away in a backwards direction, returning to his feet in the process.
Upward Throw   Whirlpool 2% - 7%   Zora Link summons a small cyclone of water, which sends his opponent into the air after striking them a few times.
Downward Throw   Bottled Fish 5% - 6%   Zora Link throws his opponent to the ground before taking out a bottle and releasing a fish from it on top of them.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Electric Aura 4% - 10%   Zora Link surrounds himself with an electrified force field, able to reflect projectiles and protect himself from an enemy attacks. If any opponents come into contact with this field of energy, they'll immediately take damage and be electricuted. This aura cannot last forever though, and Zora Link's magic energy will drain away after about 2-3 seconds of use. For each second of use, Zora Link's magic energy will take twice as long to build back up.
Side Special   Dual Boomerang 7% - 14%   Zora Link brings both his arms in towards his chest with his sharp fins facing outward before quickly spreading them again, sending his blade-like fins forward like projectiles. These fins will travel much like boomerangs, returning back to Zora Link after their trip outward has been made. The player can influence their trajectory by using the Control Stick up or down. Each boomerang fin can cause between 7% to 10% damage on each strike and will continue their path even after hitting a foe.
Up Special   Dolphin Jump 8% - 12%   Zora Link will perform a third, large jump through the air in similar fashion to a dolphin jumping out of the water. As Zora Link propels himself through the air, he can strike at opponents in his way with sharp, blade attacks. Doing so however will shorten the height of his jump and compromise his return to the stage, although not severly. After performing this technique, Zora Link can land on the ground with a quick roll and spring back to his feet, leaving little delay between a Dolphin Jump and any follow-up attacks.
Down Special   Remove Mask 0%   Zora Link removes the Zora Mask he's wearing, which reverts himself instantly back to his Hylian form in a bright flashy light. This transformation still takes the same 2 to 3 seconds as the others do, and if attacked while taking the mask off, the player will remain as Zora Link.
Final Smash   Deity Typhoon 10% - 24%   Zora Link takes out the Fierce Deity Mask and applies it to his face over his current Zora Mask, activating his transformation into Fierce Deity Link. During this process, Zora Link cannot not be disturbed and the transformation cannot be cancelled. As Zora Link is busy becoming Fierce Deity Link, a moderately-sized whirlpool of dark water will spawn and grow from Zora Link's position, sucking up all items and opponents before tossing them around inside and causing steady amounts of damage. After Zora Link's three second transformation is complete, the typhoon will recede and disappear, leaving the opponents free to continue with the fight while having to now contend with Fierce Deity Link.
Theme Music
Song Title   Deku Palace
From   The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Composer(s)   Koji Kondo / Toru Minegishi
Fierce Deity Link
Submitted by: DK3
January 18, 2013
Fierce Deity Link is a mysterious and powerful warrior seen only in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He resembles the adult version of Link from Ocarina of Time. His most prominent characteristics are his white hair, facial markings, and his metallic armor. Fierce Deity Link is very tall for being a Hylian, standing much taller than any other adult Hylian in Termina. In Majora's Mask, the player can only play as him during the final fight against Majora's Mask, but only if they have collected all 24 masks found throughout the game.
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64) - April 27, 2000

General Information
Offense   7 / 10 Origin   The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Defense   3 / 10 Release Date   April 27, 2000
Projectile   7 / 10 Home Stage   Clock Town
Height   8 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Nobuyuki Hiyama
Weight   7.5 / 10  
Speed   6 / 10 Taunt Up   Fierce Deity Link holds his helix-edged blade high in the air and chants "Yeeeaaaaaaaaaa!"
Attack Speed   4 / 10 Taunt Down   Fierce Deity Link lets out a menacing grunt.
Recovery   4.5 / 10 Taunt Side   Fierce Deity Link holds his sword pointing horizontally forwards before grinning and laughing briefly.
Throwing   5 / 10 Entrance   The player cannot start out as Fierce Deity Link, but if fought in any 1P Mode, Fierce Deity Link will appear in a flash of bright lightning.
Final Smash   10 / 10 Platform   Fierce Deity Link returns to the stage on a platform resembling the Moon as it's seen in Majora's Mask, although much smaller than the real thing.
Overall   6.2 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby gains Fierce Deity Link's white hat, white hair, white eyes, and facial markings.
Special Traits

    Fierce Deity Link cannot Glide, Wall Jump, Wall Cling, or Crawl, mainly due to his size.
    Fierce Deity Link uses a large, helix-shaped, double-edged sword. Because of its size, Fierce Deity Link's attacks are relatively slower than most other swordsman, but more powerful.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Knee Lift 3% - 4%   Fierce Deity Link lifts his knee to chest height, striking his opponent in the gut.
Combo (2nd)   Elbow Bash 2% - 4%   Fierce Deity Link swings his left elbow wildly forward, striking his opponent with it.
Combo (3rd)   Hilt Spin 2% - 5%   Fierce Deity Link spins in place as he takes a single step forwards and slams his sword's hilt into his foe.
Combo (Rapid)   N/A  
Dash Attack   Sword Flip 4% - 9%   As Fierce Deity Link dashes forward, he flips through the air as he retains his momentum and strikes opponents with a slash of he sword.
Side Tilt   Knee Strike 5% - 7%   Fierce Deity Link strikes forward with a high knee attack.
Up Tilt   High Kick 4% - 8%   Fierce Deity Link performs a high kick in the air above him, striking any enemy overhead slightly in front of him.
Down Tilt   Low Kick 4% - 7%   Fierce Deity Link sweeps his foot along the ground while he is crouching.
Side Smash   Fierce Slash 16% - 27%   Fierce Deity Link slashes forward with his large blade, striking his opponents with a violent strike.
Up Smash   Crescent Wave 17% - 26%   Fierce Deity Link swings his sword overhead from front to behind himself furociously, sending a short-lived wave of energy to travel a small distance upwards.
Down Smash   Shockwave Blast 15% - 24%   Fierce Deity Link stabs the ground with his sword, creating a burst of energy to erupt around him along the ground.
Neutral Aerial   Vortex Spin 7% - 11%   Fierce Deity Link spins in the air as he slices with his sword and creates a short-lived vortex of wind.
Forward Aerial   Helix Swing 8% - 10%   Fierce Deity Link swings his sword downward in front of himself while in the air, stopping the blade level with his feet.
Backward Aerial   Double Slash 5% - 13%   Fierce Deity Link slices behind himself with his long blade twice, upward first, then downward.
Upward Aerial   Aerial Flip Kick 5% - 11%   Fierce Deity Link does a quick frontflip while in the air, pausing midway and kicking both his feet straight up before continuing.
Downward Aerial   Sonic Slam 8% - 12%   Fierce Deity Link propels himself downward at incredible speeds with his sword extended outward, slamming into the ground and harming any foes in his way.
Grab Tactic   Standard Grab 0%   Fierce Deity Link plants his sword in the ground as he reaches forward, attempting to grab a nearby foe.
Pummel   Captive Elbow 2% - 4%   Fierce Deity Link bashes his captured foe with a swift elbow strike.
Forward Throw   Tear Through 6% - 8%   Fierce Deity Link jolts forward past his opponent with his sword drawn, striking them with a delayed effect.
Backward Throw   Reverse Slice 5% - 9%   Fierce Deity Link throws his opponent backwards before immediately slashing at them with his sword.
Upward Throw   Energy Erupt 4% - 10%   Fierce Deity Link creates a torrent of energy from the ground that rises through his foe, sending them upwards.
Downward Throw   Void Entrapment 2% - 6%   Fierce Deity Link creates a void in the ground under him, which sucks in his foe and traps them in the ground briefly.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Sword Beam 8% - 24%   Fierce Deity Link starts the attack out by bringing his sword back to his side away from the camera, where he'll keep it while he charges the attack up. If Fierce Deity Link moves left or right, or jumps while charging the attack, he can store the charge much like Donkey Kong or Samus can with their Standard Special attacks. By pressing the Special Move a second time while charging, Fierce Deity Link will swing his blade forward in a slicing motion, releasing a bolt of energy forward that travels at a fast pace across the stage in the direction he's facing. The size and power of the shot depends on the charge.
Side Special   Deity Dash 8% - 14%   Fierce Deity Link will draw his blade to his side before suddenly dashing forward at a high velocity a moderately short distance. If he encounters any opponent during this short burst, he'll slash at them with a bright lit swing of his sword. After Fierce Deity Link completes his travel, he'll also leave behind a brief path of lighted energy which can also cause slight damage to enemies who stand in it. If Fierce Deity Link misses his target, he may stumble and delay his ability to counterattack, however if he connects with a successful strike, he can follow it up quickly with more attacks.
Up Special   Energetic Whirlwind 12% - 14%   Fierce Deity Link will swing his sword around as he spins, much similar to Link's Spin Attack, except it is executed and performed at roughly half the speed and does not allow him to gain as much height from the attack, slightly less infact. However, Fierce Deity Link cannot charge the attack, but it will always deal about the same amount of damage as a nearly fully charged Spin Attack from Link. This attack has about a half second delay before it is executed and leaves Fierce Deity Link vulnerable afterwards even if performed on the ground for about a half a second. This plus side of this attack over Link's version is that it has a significantly larger reach, since the blade used his longer and the added bonus of a small, circular whirlwind that appears around the edges of the attack.
Down Special   Dark Peril ?%   Fierce Deity Link will surround himself in a dark, misty energy that will swirl around him slowly. If any opponents stand in or enter this aura, they'll take steady damage as long as they remain in it. This aura is thick enough to conceal Fierce Deity Link, allowing him to exit the mist in any fashion unknown to the enemy. The mist will remain in existance only if Fierce Deity Link is inside it, so as soon as he exits the field, it'll begin to dissipate. The damage this attack can deal each second is determined by how much damage Fierce Deity Link has currently accumulated in his damage percentage. By default, the attack will deal 1% damage. For each 50% damage he has, the mist will cause an added 1% damage each second.
Final Smash   Oni Annihilation 40% - 56%   Once Fierce Deity Link activates his Final Smash, he'll remove the Fierce Deity Mask, which will send an explosive wave of powerful energy across the stage, affecting and damaging all opponents on the stage for a large amount of damage. This explosion is quick and sudden, but occurs about half a second after the Final Smash is executed. Opponents cannot avoid this attack or the damage that it can cause. After the move finishes and the Fierce Deity Mask is taken off, the player will be left controlling Young Link once again.
Theme Music
Song Title   Deku Palace
From   The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Composer(s)   Koji Kondo / Toru Minegishi
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