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December 13, 2012
Sackboy is the protagonist of the LittleBigPlanet series and one of the mascots for the PlayStation 3 console. Sackboy is a small creature made of various crafting materials called a sackperson or sometimes sackthing. He has a female counterpart as well, appropriately named Sackgirl. Sackboy is an adventurous type and will tackle any obstacle put in his way to accomplish his own goals.
LittleBigPlanet (PlayStation 3) - October 27, 2008
LittleBigPlanet 2 (PlayStation 3) - January 18, 2011
LittleBigPlanet Karting (PlayStation 3) - November 6, 2012

General Information
Offense   4.5 / 10 Origin   LittleBigPlanet
Defense   3.5 / 10 Release Date   October 27, 2008
Projectile   9 / 10 Home Stage   Dreamscape
Height   3 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   None
Weight   2.5 / 10  
Speed   8 / 10 Taunt Up   Sackboy will wave his arms in seemingly random motions as though they were being controlled somehow.
Attack Speed   9 / 10 Taunt Down   Sackboy takes out a small planet and tosses it over his head to his other hand before putting it away.
Recovery   9 / 10 Taunt Side   Sackboy will begin dancing about and laughing in a cheery manner.
Throwing   8.5 / 10 Entrance   Sackboy appears on the stage from a checkpoint portal.
Final Smash   5.5 / 10 Platform   Sackboy returns to the stage on a platform made of cardboard.
Overall   6.25 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby becomes a sackperson version of himself.
Special Traits

    Sackboy can Crawl and Wall Jump, and by utilizing his stitching, he can also Wall Cling. He cannot Glide though.
    Sackboy has the most amount of costumes or alternate appearances out of any playable character.
    The player can choose to dress Sackboy up as any of the other playable characters.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Slap Chop 2% - 3%   Sackboy swings with left arm forward in a chopping motion and slaps his opponent.
Combo (2nd)   N/A  
Combo (3rd)   N/A  
Combo (Rapid)   Slap Happy 1% - 2%   Sackboy gets overexcited and unleashes a flurry of slaps upon his foe.
Dash Attack   Skateboard 3% - 7%   Sackboy hops on a skateboard and runs his foes down with it.
Side Tilt   Cakeinator 5% - 9%   Sackboy takes out a Creatinator and fires a cake forward as a projectile.
Up Tilt   Popit 4% - 8%   Sackboy accesses his Popit, which rises up briefly and strikes any opponents.
Down Tilt   Tools Bag 5% - 8%   Sackboy slams his bag of tools down on the ground in front of himself.
Side Smash   Grabinator Punch 15% - 21%   Sackboy puts on his grabinators before throwing a heavy punch forward.
Up Smash   Micro Bomb 16% - 19%   Sackboy takes out a Micro Bomb and tosses it overhead a short distance before it explodes.
Down Smash   Electric Panel 13% - 17%   Sackboy slams down an electrified metal plate in front of him that will shock any player that steps on it.
Neutral Aerial   Spinning Slap 5% - 8%   Sackboy twirls in midair as he flails his limbs about.
Forward Aerial   Fiery Slap 2% - 9%   Sackboy's limb becomes engulfed in flames as he slaps forward in the air, then shakes his limb vigorously to put out the fire.
Backward Aerial   Electric Kick 6% - 10%   Sackboy's feet become charged with static as he performs a dropkick in the air and unleashes the static on his foe.
Upward Aerial   Text Chat 5% - 9%   A speech bubble appears just over Sackboy, which damages and throws opponents away from it.
Downward Aerial   Level Key 6% - 11%   Sackboy takes out a key and thrusts it downward as he plummets to the ground.
Grab Tactic   Gripple Grapple 0%   Sackboy takes out his grapple device and fires it forwards a moderate distance before activating its wrinch feature and dragging any opponent he caught back to him.
Pummel   Captive Slap 2%   Sackboy slaps his captured foe.
Forward Throw   Boxing Glove Sticker 5% - 9%   Sackboy puts on a boxing glove and throws a wild haymaker to his opponent.
Backward Throw   Suplex Sticker 5% - 10%   Sackboy performs a devastating suplex to his foe.
Upward Throw   Spider Web Sticker 3% - 4%   Sackboy uppercuts his opponent as a spider web sticker appears overhead, which subsequently captures the foe in place.
Downward Throw   Anvil Sticker 8% - 11%   A heavy anvil sticker appears over Sackboy's foe as it falls on their head.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Paintinator 3% - 7%   Sackboy takes out his Paintinator weapon and fires a paintball forward. By holding the Special Move button down, sackboy can aim the Paintinator to fire in any desired direction. Upon impact with an obstacle or opponent, the paintball will burst and cover a small area in a random color of paint, making the stage pretty. The paint will disintegrate after Sackboy is KO'd.
Side Special   Sackbot 4% - 10%   Sackboy will toss a Sackbot forward that will have a randomly-generated behavior. These Sackbots may or may not assist Sackboy depending on the behavior they were given, for instance, if the Sackbot was given the fear of heights, they'll stay on the lower parts of the stage. Other behaviors that can be randomly selected upon throwing one are whether the Sackbot can jump or not, their running speed, and even whether they're afraid of other players or not. Some Sackbots can even come equipped with a pair of Grabinators, but unless they're not afraid of their opponents they won't use them.
Up Special   Jetpac Corkscrew 6% - 14%   Sackboy will equip his jetpack and blast off upwards in a spiralling trajectory full of smoke. If Sackboy connects with any foe along the way, he'll strike them with the force of a rocket and send them flying.
Down Special   Bounce Pad Shield ?%   Sackboy will take out a Bounce Pad and place it in front of himself as a shield to protect himself. While using it in this manner, foes that come into contact with it from the front will bounce off of it just like a spring. The Bounce Pad can also reflect projectiles with this same method. After Sackboy moves away or jumps from his spot, the Bounce Pad will fall to the ground and can be used by anyone to be thrown into the air. After about 5 to 10 seconds, the Bounce Pad will disappear, unless a new one is brought out by Sackboy, in which case it'll despawn instantly.
Final Smash   Prize Bubble Bonus ?%   After activating his Final Smash, the stage will enter a 10 second Bonus Round of sorts. During which time, all of Sackboy's opponents will become entrapped in Prize Bubbles and will be unable to move at all until the Final Smash ends or Sackboy chooses to break them out. Twenty other Prize Bubbles will also appear holding various random items as well, but if items are turned off, then they will simply contain Stickers and Food healing items.
Theme Music
Song Title   The Gardens
From   LittleBigPlanet
Composer(s)   Daniel Pemberton
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