Paper Mario
Submitted by: DK3
October 13, 2012
Paper Mario is the titular protagonist of the Mario RPG series, Paper Mario. Made entirely out of paper, Mario is essentially a 2D character in a 3D world, which is taken advantage of in many of his abilities. After getting a letter and being invited by Princess Peach to her castle, the Mario Bros. arrive in a timely fashion to a party being held by the princess. Soon afterwards, Bowser hijacks the castle and lifts it high into the sky atop his own castle before confronting the hero in battle. After revealing he has stolen the powerful Star Rod from Star Haven and the Star Spirits, Bowser uses it to become invulnerable to Mario's every attack. Finally defeating his nemesis, Bowser ejects him from the castle and sends him falling to the Mushroom Kingdom below. Mario then must set out on an adventure to revive the Star Spirits and gain the means to return to the castle and save the princess.
Paper Mario (Nintendo 64) - August 11, 2000
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Nintendo GameCube) - July 22, 2004
Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Nintendo 3DS) - November 11, 2012

General Information
Offense   6 / 10 Origin   Paper Mario
Defense   3.5 / 10 Release Date   August 11, 2000
Projectile   6.5 / 10 Home Stage   The Glitz Pit
Height   4 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Charles Martinet
Weight   2 / 10  
Speed   5.5 / 10 Taunt Up   Twink appears from behind Paper Mario, winks at the camera while smiling, and floats back behind Mario again.
Attack Speed   5 / 10 Taunt Down   Paper Mario spins around before holding up a peace sign to the camera and cheering, "Woohoo!"
Recovery   9.5 / 10 Taunt Side   Paper Mario rolls up into a tube briefly before unravelling back into a flat sheet.
Throwing   7 / 10 Entrance   A sheet of paper flips over from the third dimension as Mario is drawn on it then cut out, thus creating Paper Mario.
Final Smash   8 / 10 Platform   Mario returns to the stage on a random Star Spirit.
Overall   5.7 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby turns into a paper version of himself with a drawn-on Mario hat.
Special Traits

    Paper Mario uses various badges to aid him with his attacks from the original Paper Mario and its sequel, The Thousand-Year Door, as well as his trusty wooden Hammer.
    Paper Mario can glide by folding into a paper airplane.
    Paper Mario cannot crawl, wall jump, or wall cling.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Hammer Slam 4% - 6%   Paper Mario slams his hammer into the ground in front of himself.
Combo (2nd)   N/A  
Combo (3rd)   N/A  
Combo (Rapid)   N/A  
Dash Attack   Speedy Spin 1% - 7%   Paper Mario spins rapidly as he slides forward on the heel of his boot.
Side Tilt   Spike Shield 4% - 8%   Paper Mario applies his Spike Shield badge quickly as a paper spike projects from the palm of his left hand.
Up Tilt   I Spy 3% - 8%   The I Spy badge causes a Star Piece to appear over Paper Mario's head as he scratches his chin, pondering. This shard can strike opponents directly above Paper Mario.
Down Tilt   Zap Tap 4% - 10%   Paper Mario sparks with electricity briefly from his Zap Tap badge, shocking any foes in close proximity to him.
Side Smash   Power Smash 12% - 21%   Paper Mario smashes his hammer in front of himself from over his head.
Up Smash   Fire Shield 9% - 20%   Paper Mario temporarily catches on fire before releasing it upwards, effectively using his Fire Shield badge.
Down Smash   Fire Drive 10% - 22%   Paper Mario pounds the ground in front of himself with a burning hammer, then pounds the ground behind himself with the same hammer, burning any opponents he hits as well.
Neutral Aerial   Ice Power 3% - 8%   Paper Mario sends out frosty ice particles all around himself while in midair, chilling his foes.
Forward Aerial   Spike Shield 5% - 11%   Paper Mario applies the Spike Shield badge before hammering his fist downwards in front of himself as it becomes covered in paper spikes.
Backward Aerial   Pay-Off 3% - 10%   Paper Mario drop kicks behind himself while in midair, producing many coins with his attack and striking his foe repeatedly with them.
Upward Aerial   Head Rattle 5% - 8%   Paper Mario headbutts opponents directly overhead while in midair, using his Head Rattle badge.
Downward Aerial   Dizzy Stomp 3% - 6%   Paper Mario puts all his energy into a stomp as he plummets downward and crashing onto his opponent with a Dizzy Stomp, affecting them with a dizzy spell which reduces their movement speed dramatically for up to 3 seconds.
Grab Tactic   Thoreau 0%   Paper Mario calls on the Pixl, Thoreau, which he sends forward in a straight boomerang-like trajectory. If Thoreau grasps an opponent during his short travel, he'll return them back to Paper Mario.
Pummel   Paper Cut 1% - 2%   Paper Mario quickly chops his captured opponent with the side of his hand.
Forward Throw   Spin Smash 5% - 9%   Paper Mario releases his opponent before spinning quickly with his hammer extended, smashing his foe away.
Backward Throw   Piercing Blow 4% - 7%   Paper Mario tosses the opponent gently backwards before slamming a spiky hammer into them, which cuts their defenses in half for up to 5 seconds.
Upward Throw   Money Money 1% - 10%   Paper Mario throws the foe upwards before tossing 10 coins vertically upwards as well. Each coin that strikes the opponent will cause damage, but not all of them may hit.
Downward Throw   Multibounce 3% - 9%   Paper Mario places his opponent on the ground before jumping on top of them three times in succession with his Multibounce badge.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Quake Hammer 2% - 18%   Paper Mario swings his hammer forwards, slamming it into the ground with tremendous force and causing a small quake to ripple through the ground in front of himself. This quake will only affect opponents on the ground, and by charging the attack, the quake can travel longer distances. The closer the opponent is to Paper Mario, the more damage they'll take from this attack.
Side Special   Dizzy Attack 1% - 4%   Paper Mario spins rapidly as he slides forward, similar to his Speedy Spin dash attack, but he doesn't need to have forward momentum to initiate this maneuver. Any foes he pass by will be stunned for up to 4 seconds, leaving them vulnerable to follow up attacks from other players. This move can also be used as a recovery of sorts, since Paper Mario is not effected by gravity while moving forward.
Up Special   Tornado Jump 2% - 8%   Paper Mario spins in place very quickly, causing a tornado to be created around himself as he spins. This attack can be used to pull in nearby opponents and fling them around while damaging them and propelling Paper Mario skyward. On the ground, Paper Mario stays put on ground level and does not gain any altitude.
Down Special   Boomer 4% - 7%   Paper Mario takes out the Pixl, Boomer, a bomb-shaped ally, before lighting and tossing him forwards. Five seconds later, Boomer will detonate and damage any nearby opponents with his explosion. While lit, Boomer can also be picked back up and tossed again by opponents.
Final Smash   Art Attack 20% - 35%   Upon using the Smash Ball, Paper Mario use the power of the Crystal Stars to transform himself into a paint brush cursor. Being controlled by the player, this cursor can be used to draw lines on the screen. By drawing an enclosed shape such as a circle or a rectangle, Paper Mario can damage any opponents seen in the confines of the shape as soon as the shape is completed. After one shape is finished, the player can begin on the next, completing as many as they can before the Final Smash wears off after a 10 second period.
Theme Music
Song Title   Main Title
From   Paper Mario
Composer(s)   Yuka Tsujiyoko
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