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December 3, 2012
Kirby is the protagonist and pink puff from the Kirby franchise. Kirby hails from the Dream Land on the far-off, distant planet of Pop Star. Kirby has been a hero of his land for over 20 years now and has occasionally ventured to other nearby planets as well. Kirby's body is very squishy and flexible, which allows him to flatten or famously inflate like a balloon, which aids him in floating in the air. Kirby is a jolly and cheerful character, and enjoys helping out friends and strangers alike. He also possesses a large appetite for cake.

Kirby's main ability lies in his Copy Ability. After inhaling an enemy, Kirby can absorb their abilities and use them to aid him in his battle against evil-doers.
Kirby Super Star (Super Nintendo) - March 21, 1996
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Nintendo 64) - March 24, 2000
Kirby's Return to Dream Land (Nintendo Wii) - October 24, 2011

General Information
Offense   3.5 / 10 Origin   Kirby's Dream Land
Defense   3 / 10 Release Date   April 27, 1992
Projectile   4 / 10 Home Stage   Vegetable Valley
Height   2.5 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Makiko Omoto
Weight   3.5 / 10  
Speed   7.5 / 10 Taunt Up   Kirby takes out a slice of strawberry shortcake before devouring it in one bite.
Attack Speed   9 / 10 Taunt Down   Kirby smiles at the camera as three different color Kirbys appear momentarilly from behind him.
Recovery   10 / 10 Taunt Side   Kirby faces the camera and says in a cheerful voice, "Hiiii!"
Throwing   8 / 10 Entrance   Kirby rides onto the scene on a Warp Star, crashing it into the ground near his starting position.
Final Smash   10 / 10 Platform   Kirby returns to the stage riding a Warp Star.
Overall   6.1 / 10 Kirby Hat   The enemy Kirby will gain whatever hat the player Kirby happens to be wearing, if they are wearing one.
Special Traits

    Kirby cannot Glide or Wall Jump, but can Wall Cling and Crawl.
    Due to being able to puff up like a balloon, Kirby can jump up to 5 times before then using his Up Special. This gives him one of the greatest recovery stats in Smash Bros.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Quick Jab 1% - 2%   Kirby throws a quick jab with a left fist.
Combo (2nd)   Second Jab 1% - 3%   Kirby punches a second time with another quick jab from his left fist.
Combo (3rd)   None  
Combo (Rapid)   Vulcan Jab 1%   Kirby strikes forward with a blur of fast, but weak punches.
Dash Attack   Wheel Roll 5% - 8%   Kirby will temporarily transform into a wheel and roll forwards rapidly, colliding with his opponents.
Side Tilt   Spin Kick 4% - 7%   Kirby spins around as he strikes with a kick to a foe in front of him.
Up Tilt   Somersault Kick 3% - 7%   Kirby performs a quick-paced backflip as he kicks upward.
Down Tilt   Dust Sweep 4% - 6%   Kirby takes out a small broom and sweeps a dust cloud forwards.
Side Smash   Force Blast 16% - 23%   Kirby can charge up before throwing a devastating punch wave forwards.
Up Smash   Fireball Inferno 14% - 19%   Kirby bursts into flames before sending a short wave of fire upwards.
Down Smash   Spark Attack 12% - 20%   Kirby crouches down as he becomes surrounded in electrical sparks that emit from his body.
Neutral Aerial   Whirlwind Spin 2% - 10%   Kirby spins rapidly as he turns into a small cyclone, attacking his foes repeatedly for a short period.
Forward Aerial   Angel Arrow 7% - 9%   Kirby fires an arrow from a cupid bow forwards while in the air. This attack counts as a projectile.
Backward Aerial   Needle Burst 5% - 9%   Kirby's back momentarily becomes covered in sharp spikes as he thrusts them backwards while in the air.
Upward Aerial   Rage Slash 6% - 8%   Using animal claws, Kirby slashes overhead while in the air.
Downward Aerial   Sword Dive 7% - 10%   Kirby quickly dives towards the ground while holding a sword downward, striking any opponents with it.
Grab Tactic   Foe Grab 0%   Kirby quickly reaches forward and tries grabbing onto a nearby foe.
Pummel   Captive Chop 2%   Kirby chops his captured opponent's head.
Forward Throw   Arm Throw 4% - 7%   Kirby tosses his foe forwards on a straight line trajectory a moderate distance.
Backward Throw   Juudou Throw 5% - 7%   Kirby throws his opponent behind him, much similar to his Arm Throw attack.
Upward Throw   Air Drop 6% - 10%   Kirby launches into the air with his opponent before slamming back down with them into the ground.
Downward Throw   Big Suplex 7% - 9%   Kirby suplexes his foe into the ground with force.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Copy Ability 4% - 10%   Kirby begins to inhale as his mouth grows wide open. By doing this, Kirby can suck up and store a close-by opponent in his mouth. He is then free to spit them back out by pressing the Special Move button again, resulting in a Star Spit attack, or the player can press down on the Control Stick to cause Kirby to swallow the victim and copy them. After copying a foe, Kirby will wear a hat similar to various appearance features of the victim and be able to use their Standard Special attack in place of his Copy Ability maneuver. If Kirby taunts, he can rid himself of his current Kirby hat and use his Copy Ability again. If Kirby is KO'd, he'll also lose any Kirby hat he had in that method as well.
Side Special   Hammer Swing 6% - 24%   Kirby will swing a heavy mallet in front of him. How he swings the hammer will depend on if he's on the ground or in the air. If Kirby is on the ground when he uses this attack, he'll swing it once in front of him. If he uses it in midair, he'll swing it in a complete 360 degrees as he flips forward. Kirby can now also charge this attack up before swinging the hammer, but only if he's on the ground. By charging up completely, Kirby will slam the hammer forwards and pound any opponent flat, stunning them momentarilly and damaging them for quite a bit.
Up Special   Final Cutter 5% - 12%   Kirby brings out a sharp, curved sword and leaps straight upwards into the air as he slices along the way. At the peak of his jump, he'll flip forwards once before extending the sword outward and slamming back down towards the ground. After hitting the ground and performing the attack successfully, the sword will send a wave of energy forwards a short distance, slicing through any foes in front of him.
Down Special   Stone Change 8% - 15%   Kirby will transform into a stone version of himself this time, which increases his weight immensely. If used in the air, Stone Kirby will slam down hard to the ground below and damage any opponent in his way as he falls. Stone Kirby on a slope will not slide like in previous Smash Bros. games, and this time can now move slowly left or right as well. While in Stone form, Kirby is completely immune to all incoming projectiles, but can not attack at all unless he falls on top of someone. While in Stone form, physical attacks will still damage Kirby, but only do half damage to him.
Final Smash   Crash Supernova 35% - 45%   Kirby will muster all his strength to perform this devastating attack. Shortly after activating the Final Smash, the screen will darken to about half brightness before a second Kirby appears and rockets across the screen in random directions repeatedly. After the attack is finished, all opponents on screen will take heavy damage.
Theme Music
Song Title   Legend of the Dream Spring
From   Kirby's Adventure
Composer(s)   Hirokazu Ando, Jun Ishikawa
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