Fox McCloud
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November 28, 2012
Fox McCloud is the lead pilot of the Star Fox team, a legendary crew of mercenaries for hire that travel the Lylat System and defend it from evil schemes. The Star Fox team was founded by his father, James McCloud. Fox McCloud and his team have thwarted the plans of Andross on many occassions, and continue to fued with rival mercenary team, Star Wolf, led by Wolf O'Donnell. Like his name suggests, Fox is a red fox breed.

Fox's moveset remains mostly intact from his previous Smash Bros. installments, however, a few moves have been changed, most notably his Final Smash. Fox McCloud is one of the fastest available characters in the franchise, and can move about the battlefield very quickly.
Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64) - April 27, 1997
Star Fox: Assault (Nintendo GameCube) - February 14, 2005
Star Fox Command (Nintendo DS) - August 3, 2006

General Information
Offense   4 / 10 Origin   Star Fox
Defense   3.5 / 10 Release Date   February 21, 1993
Projectile   7 / 10 Home Stage   Corneria
Height   4 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Mike West
Weight   4 / 10  
Speed   9.5 / 10 Taunt Up   Fox folds his arms across his chest before grunting and flicking his tail and head up and to the side.
Attack Speed   10 / 10 Taunt Down   Fox fakes out his foes by imitating his preparations for his Fire Fox Up Special attack, exclaiming "Here I Come!"
Recovery   7.5 / 10 Taunt Side   Fox kneels down as he boasts to his opponents, daring them as he shouts, "Come on!"
Throwing   5.5 / 10 Entrance   Fox pilots his Arwing in from the background before ejecting himself from the cockpit and scoring a perfect landing in his starting position.
Final Smash   7.5 / 10 Platform   Fox returns to the stage on a platform resembling a miniature Arwing.
Overall   6.25 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby gains Fox's mane and fox ears.
Special Traits

    Fox mainly uses his agile kicks mixed with a few punches and weaponry such as his Blaster and Reflector in his arsenal of attacks.
    Fox cannot Crawl or Glide, but can Wall Kick and Wall Cling.
    Fox's jumps can be executed very quickly, as he falls faster than many other players which allows him to reach higher platforms more quickly.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Left Jab 1% - 3%   Fox quickly jabs forward with a left fist.
Combo (2nd)   Right Punch 1% - 2%   Fox punches forward with a right fist.
Combo (3rd)   N/A  
Combo (Rapid)   Rapid Kicks 1%   Fox rapidly kicks forward with his fast reflexes, striking his opponent repeatedly.
Dash Attack   Flying Kick 3% - 5%   As Fox dashes forward, he jumps slightly into the air and strikes forward with a flying kick.
Side Tilt   Side Kick 3% - 6%   Fox swings his foot forward from his side as he turns into it.
Up Tilt   Scorpion Kick 3% - 7%   Fox kicks a foot upwards from behind himself, striking a foe into the air.
Down Tilt   Tail Sweep 4% - 6%   Fox sweeps his tail along the ground quickly.
Side Smash   Butterfly Kick 9% - 18%   Fox performs a side somersault-type spin kick to opponents in front of himself.
Up Smash   Backflip Kick 8% - 19%   Fox performs a quick backflip as he kicks opponents into the air.
Down Smash   Split Kick 8% - 18%   Fox does a quick split as he kicks enemies away from either side of himself.
Neutral Aerial   Aerial Kick 3% - 5%   Fox kicks forward while in the air.
Forward Aerial   Tornado Kick 3% - 12%   Fox kicks repeatedly in front of himself in midair as he falls.
Backward Aerial   Backward Kick 3% - 6%   Fox kicks out behind himself while in the air.
Upward Aerial   Tail Flip 4% - 7%   Fox front flips towards the screen as he strikes opponents overhead with his tail.
Downward Aerial   Drill Kick 2% - 10%   As Fox spins and falls downward, he kicks as he twirls at his opponent, striking them multiple times.
Grab Tactic   Standard Grab 0%   Fox reaches out forward in an attempt to grab a nearby opponent.
Pummel   Captive Knee 2%   Fox drives his knee into his captured opponent.
Forward Throw   Elbow Bash 5% - 8%   Fox bashes his foe with a stiff elbow strike, sending them flying away.
Backward Throw   Monkey Flip 4% - 7%   Fox rolls backward as he kicks his opponent away in one swift move.
Upward Throw   Blaster Shots 3% - 12%   Fox throws his opponent into the air before firing upon them four times with his Blaster.
Downward Throw   Slam Shots 2% - 8%   Fox slams his foe into the ground before jumping over them and firing his Blaster at them four times.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Blaster 3% - 5%   Fox will take out his trusty Blaster and aim forwards, firing off a quick shot that will travel in a straight trajectory. The player can repeatedly tap the Special Move button to rapidly fire shots from Fox's Blaster. While doing so, the Control Stick can be used to changed Fox's trajectory and fire in any direction diserable. Each shot is weak and won't cause any flinching, but since these shots can be fired quickly, the damage can add up.
Side Special   Fox Illusion 4% - 8%   Fox will phase out of existance briefly as he dashes forward with lightning-quick speed, leaving bright illusions of himself in his path. This attack can only be performed in a straight forward direction, but can be a great recovery attack if Fox is on level with the edge of the stage.
Up Special   Fire Fox 6% - 14%   Fox becomes surrounded in rising flames as he preps himself to rocket off in a desired direction chosen by the Control Stick. Fox will burn his way through any opponents in his path as he jets along. If Fox is attacked while charging up, he'll be interrupted, but still be able to try the attack again.
Down Special   Reflector 3% - ?%   Fox will take out his Reflector device and hold onto it. Like in past Smash Bros. games, Fox will activate it right away, shocking any players in contact with it and reflecting all projectiles shot at him. As long as Fox holds down the Special Move button, he'll keep the shield activated. When the button is released, Fox will turn it off, but keep it in his grasp, carrying it as an item now like Link's Bombs. Fox can then throw it as he pleases, causing it to reactivate momentarily after hitting the ground, an opponent, or a projectile. It'll remain active afterwards for 3 seconds before shutting off and disappearing.
Final Smash   Arwing Assault 20% - 30%   Fox will use his Communicator device to call out for backup. Shortly afterwards, two Arwings will arrive on the stage and attack Fox's enemies. These Arwings will either perform two quick passes of the stage in opposing directions, or they'll travel more slowly across the stage and fire more accurately at opponents. Each shot can cause between 16%-22% damage to their targets and always fire six shots total between the two Arwings. Fox is free to continue battling after his call is finished.
Theme Music
Song Title   Corneria
From   Star Fox 64
Composer(s)   Koji Kondo / Hajime Wakai
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