Cloud Strife
Submitted by: DK3
May 30, 2013
Cloud Strife debuted and starred in the PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII. At first, he's an arrogant and proud swordsman who believed himself to be a member of SOLDIER, an elite fighting force of the Shinra Electric Power Company. After discovering his memories were not his own, with the help of his friends, he joins AVALANCHE as a mercenary to aid them in stopping Shinra from draining the planet's life energy as its power source. Cloud was born in the mountain village of Nibelheim and was neighbors with Tifa Lockhart.
Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation) - January 31, 1997
Final Fantasy Tactics (PlayStation) - June 20, 1997
Dissidia Final Fantasy (PlayStation Portable) - December 18, 2008

General Information
Offense   8.5 / 10 Origin   Final Fantasy VII
Defense   4.5 / 10 Release Date   January 31, 1997
Projectile   7 / 10 Home Stage   The Highwind
Height   6.5 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Steve Burton (English) / Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese)
Weight   6 / 10  
Speed   3 / 10 Taunt Up   Cloud holds up the Buster Sword in the air as he taunts at the camera.
Attack Speed   2 / 10 Taunt Down   Cloud sticks the Buster Sword into the ground as he leans against it, crossing his arms.
Recovery   6.5 / 10 Taunt Side   A Chocobo appears next to Cloud and he pets it before it runs off screen.
Throwing   5 / 10 Entrance   An airship flies overhead as Cloud Strife jumps down from its deck and wields his Buster Sword before claiming, "Come what may, I'm ready."
Final Smash   7 / 10 Platform   Cloud returns to the stage on a metallic platform embedded with the AVALANCHE logo in the center of it.
Overall   5.6 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby gains Cloud's spiky, blonde hair and single pauldron.
Special Traits

    Cloud cannot Wall Jump, Wall Cling, or Glide, but he can Crawl.
    Cloud's weapon of choice is his well-known Buster Sword.
    Cloud has a few alternate costumes, including his Kingdom Hearts appearance complete with a bandaged Buster Sword, his Crisis Core appearance, and in a Shinra infantry uniform.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Heavy Slash 2% - 5%   Cloud Strife slashes forward with his sword with a heavy slice from overhead.
Combo (2nd)   N/A  
Combo (3rd)   N/A  
Combo (Rapid)   N/A  
Dash Attack   Climhazzard 5% - 9%   Cloud stabs forward with his large sword forward as he slides to a stop.
Side Tilt   Double Cut 4% - 10%   Cloud swings twice with his sword in successive, short-ranged but quick attacks.
Up Tilt   Upper Cut 5% - 9%   Cloud Strife slices with his sword overhead in an arc motion.
Down Tilt   Low Slice 5% - 10%   Cloud sweeps his sword along the ground as he crouches.
Side Smash   Sonic Break 16% - 30%   Cloud executes a powerful, but slow, three-slash combo attack as he steps forward with each swing.
Up Smash   Rising Fang 18% - 26%   Cloud performs a rising, upward slash with a jumping twist with this powerful move.
Down Smash   Fusion Break 18% - 28%   Cloud stabs the ground with his Buster Sword, sending a shockwave through the ground and damaging his foes.
Neutral Aerial   Finishing Touch 7% - 11%   Cloud performs a side somersault while in the air as he slashes in all direction with his sword.
Forward Aerial   Buster Bash 6% - 10%   Cloud thrusts forward with the hilt of his sword before stabbing backwards with its blade.
Backward Aerial   Extra Slice 5% - 12%   Cloud Slices twice behind himself, the second more powerful than the first.
Upward Aerial   Aerial Fang 6% - 9%   Cloud slashes upward and overhead with his sword, sending his opponents in the same direction.
Downward Aerial   Slashing Blow 6% - 10%   Cloud swings his sword downward with this aerial attack, slicing his foe downward in the process.
Grab Tactic   Standard Grab 0%   Cloud reaches outward with his left hand and attempts to grab an opponent.
Pummel   Captive Knee 3%   Cloud knees his captured foe with a strong strike.
Forward Throw   Buster Blow 7% - 11%   Cloud tosses his foe forward a short distance before slashing them with a his sword from overhead.
Backward Throw   Materia Blade 8% - 10%   Cloud hiplocks his foe before slashing at them with his Materia Blade from behind.
Upward Throw   Swordshower 6% - 10%   Cloud showers a storm of light swords down on his foe that knocks them upwards.
Downward Throw   Fira 4% - 11%   Cloud slams his foe to the ground before burning them with a Fira spell.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Blade Beam 5% - 16%   Cloud will charge his attack up when the Special Move button is held down. When the attack is released, Cloud will slam his sword to the ground in front of himself and unleash a blast of energy that travels along the ground in a forward direction. The path the energy will take will stop at the edges of platforms and at obstacles and its distance depends on the level of charge that was built-up prior to execution.
Side Special   Cross-Slash 4% - 12%   Cloud points his Buster Sword horizontally in front of him as it begins to glow red. After a brief delay, a spinning orb of flames is fired from the tip of the sword and travels across the stage until it hits an opponent or obstacle. This attack cannot be charged up.
Up Special   Braver 4% - 10%   Cloud Strife leaps into the air with the Buster Sword drawn in front of him as he slashes any opponents in his way. This attack leaves him vulnerable from behind and below however.
Down Special   Meteorain 8% - 12%   Cloud Strife leaps a short distance into the air and briefly charges up his Buster Sword before small boulders fall from the tip of it and crash into the ground in front of him. Some of the boulder won't break upon impact with the ground and can be picked up and thrown at other opponents.
Final Smash   Omnislash 60% - 75%   Cloud Strife dashes towards the closest opponent and unleashes the full-potential of the Buster Sword as he slash repeatedly at them, sending harmless waves of multi-colored light in every direction. After 6 powerful slashes, Cloud leaps high and slices his target with a huge slash, sending them flying with heavy damage.
Theme Music
Song Title   Main Theme
From   Final Fantasy VII
Composer(s)   Nobuo Uematsu
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