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December 12, 2012
Chrom is the main protagonist of Fire Emblem: Awakening. He is the prince of the Holy Kingdom of Iris, and he is also the captain of the vigilante force. He leads his vigilante force to protect the peace when the neighboring nation of Perezia begins acting suspiciously. He has a strong sense of justice and is a crucial member of his squad. He breaks the most things during army practice. He wields the sword Falchion. He is the brother of Liz and Emerina, the father of Lucina and the uncle of Wood. His birthday is May 27th.
Fire Emblem: Awakening (Nintendo 3DS) - April 19, 2012

General Information
Offense   5.5 / 10 Origin   Fire Emblem: Awakening
Defense   4 / 10 Release Date   April 19, 2012
Projectile   8 / 10 Home Stage   Iris Kingdom
Height   7 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Tomokazu Sugita
Weight   6 / 10  
Speed   7 / 10 Taunt Up   Chrom looks into the sky momentarilly as light surrounds him.
Attack Speed   8.5 / 10 Taunt Down   Chrom swings his sword around, upward once, then across, before grunting.
Recovery   7 / 10 Taunt Side   Chrom states "I will not fail!" as he poses with his sword.
Throwing   4 / 10 Entrance   Chrom descends to the stage in a holy beam of light.
Final Smash   8.5 / 10 Platform   Chrom returns on a holy platform of light.
Overall   6.55 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby gains Chrom's hair and cloak.
Special Traits

    Chrom is an agile swordsman in the battlefield, using his sword Falchion.
    Chrom can Crawl, and Wall Jump, but cannot Glide or Wall Cling.
    Chrom utilizes the power of justice in many of his attacks, appearing as bright effects of light when he strikes.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Slice 2% - 3%   Chrom slices to his left with his sword.
Combo (2nd)   Counter Slice 2%   Chrom slices backwards to his right.
Combo (3rd)   Vertical Slice 1% - 2%   Chrom slices upwards from ground level.
Combo (Rapid)   N/A  
Dash Attack   Running Slice 2% - 5%   Chrom slices with his sword as he lunges forward while dashing.
Side Tilt   Lunge Slice 3% - 6%   Chrom lunges his sword forward as he slices.
Up Tilt   Hilt Shove 5% - 7%   Chrom jolts his sword flat into the air overhead.
Down Tilt   Low Stab 4% - 8%   While crouching, Chrom stabs forward with his sword.
Side Smash   Royal Slash 13% - 21%   Chrom slams his sword hard into the ground from overhead, slashing through his opponents.
Up Smash   Lunar Slash 14% - 24%   Chrom slashes with his sword overhead in a crescent motion.
Down Smash   Double Sweep 11% - 17%   Chrom sweeps along the ground with his sword once in front of himself, and then again behind himself.
Neutral Aerial   Falchion Spin 6% - 8%   Chrom spins in midair, spinning his sword around.
Forward Aerial   Aerial Thrust 7% - 10%   Chrom thrusts the tip of his sword forward in midair, stabbing his opponent.
Backward Aerial   Reverse Slice 3% - 8%   Chrom slices behind himself with his sword while in midair.
Upward Aerial   Backflip Slice 7% - 10%   Chrom performs a backflip in midair as he slices his opponent overhead with his sword.
Downward Aerial   Falchion Drill 1% - 7%   Chrom thrusts his sword downward as he flips upside-down and spins quickly, stirking his opponent with multiple hits.
Grab Tactic   Standard Grab 0%   Chrom attempts to grab an opponent by reaching out with his hand.
Pummel   Captive Knee 2%   Chrom strikes his captured opponent with a knee.
Forward Throw   Captured Slice 4% - 7%   Chrom slices his captured foe with his sword, sending them flying forwards.
Backward Throw   Hip Toss 3% - 7%   Chrom hip tosses his opponent backwards.
Upward Throw   Sword Toss 7% - 10%   Chrom throws his opponent upwards before tossing his sword up into them.
Downward Throw   Ground Slam 3% - 7%   Chrom slams his opponent hard into the ground.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Royal Weapon 7% - 25%   Chrom will tilt his weapon forward before beginning to charge it up with holy energy. When the player releases the Special Move button, Chrom will unleash the built-up holy light in a desired direction as a spherical mass of concentrated light that'll travel across the screen in the chosen direction at a high velocity. The size and strength of the projectile will depend on the time taken to charge the attack up.
Side Special   Dual Attack+ 8% - 16%   Chrom will first dash forwards a moderate distance with his sword drawn, slicing through his targets and other obstacles, before immediately dashing in a second direction chosen by the Control Stick. The speed at which Chrom travels during this attack is determined by how long he has gone without performing it.
Up Special   Falchion Bind 5% - 12%   Chrom will throw his sword upward while the trajectory can be influenced left or right by tilting the Control Stick. If his sword comes into contact with any opponent, solid ground, object, or item, Chrom will leap swiftly to his sword to retrieve it before suddenly kicking and attacking whatever had caught his sword.
Down Special   Support ?%   Chrom calls out for assistance before Avatar, in a randomly generated appearance in either male or female form, shows up to aid Chrom by shielding them both from incoming attacks. This Special Move varies from other shield Specials because Chrom is not the one holding the shield and can still move freely, choosing to continue taking cover or the counter attack the opponent.
Final Smash   Vigilant Force 28% - 40%   After activating his Final Smash, Chrom will call out towards the screen as he holds his sword in the air, "For Iris! We shall never fall!" The screen then brightens before three of Iris' finest guards slash their way across the screen in random directions, inflicting heavy damage upon any opponents they come across. Afterwards, the Final Smash will finish.
Theme Music
Song Title   Fire Emblem Theme
From   Fire Emblem: Awakening
Composer(s)   Yuka Tsujiyoko
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