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December 21, 2012
Wario is Mario's greedy, overweight counterpart. He is constantly scheming with his fellow trickster Waluigi to steal some coins and / or destroy the Mario Bros, although Wario's hatred for Mario and Luigi has slowly dissolved into a competitive rivalry in sports such as racing and baseball.. Also, Wario has the role of protagonist in his own spin-off microgame and platform series, such as Wario Land, WarioWare, and Wario World, where he attempts to make some money, among other objections.
Wario World (Nintendo GameCube) - June 24, 2003
Wario land: Shake It! (Nintendo Wii) - September 22, 2008
WarioWare: D.I.Y. (Nintendo DS) - April 29, 2009

General Information
Offense   8 / 10 Origin   Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
Defense   5 / 10 Release Date   October 21, 1992
Projectile   3 / 10 Home Stage   Diamond City
Height   4.5 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Charles Martinet
Weight   8 / 10  
Speed   5.5 / 10 Taunt Up   Wario raises his hands and uses his fingers to form his signature "W".
Attack Speed   6 / 10 Taunt Down   Wario rolls on the floor laughing.
Recovery   10 / 10 Taunt Side   Wario picks his nose.
Throwing   10 / 10 Entrance   Wario rides his Wario Bike into battle.
Final Smash   3.5 / 10 Platform   A small pirate ship.
Overall   6.35 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby acquires Wario's hat and mustache.
Special Traits

    Most of Wario's moveset is unchanged from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, however, all of his Special Moves have been redone as well as numurous other attacks.
    Biker Wario and Wario-Man are now costume swaps for Wario.
    Wario can Crawl, but he is unable to Wall Jump, Wall Cling, or Glide.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Left Uppercut 6%   Wario punches slightly upward with his left hand.
Combo (2nd)   Right Uppercut 6%   Wario punches slightly upward with his right hand.
Combo (3rd)   N/A  
Combo (Rapid)   N/A  
Dash Attack   Faceplant 7%   Wario trips and falls on his face.
Side Tilt   Power Punch 12%   Wario winds up his fist before unleashing a devastating punch.
Up Tilt   Palm Thrust 8%   Wario pushes his hands upward.
Down Tilt   Butt Bash 8%   Wario hops up slightly and performs a ground pound, smashing his rear into the ground.
Side Smash   Shoulder Ram 16%   Wario performs his signature dash attack, ramming his shoulder forward.
Up Smash   Corkscrew Conk 9%   Wario spins around rapidly as he rises a short distance in the air.
Down Smash   Body Cyclone 10%   Wario twirls around, headbutting downward in all directions.
Neutral Aerial   Somersault 8%   Wario performs a somersault in the air.
Forward Aerial   Drop Kick 6%   Wario kicks forward quickly.
Backward Aerial   Backward Headbutt 10%   Wario flips his body backward, headbutting behind him.
Upward Aerial   High Clap 17%   Wario unleashes a powerful clap above him.
Downward Aerial   Downward Charge 13%   Wario turns upside-down and sticks his fist out.
Grab Tactic   Hypnosis 0%   Wario hypnotizes his adversary into coming to him. Afterward, Wario simply grabs them. When he releases his grab, Wario's hypnosis wears off.
Pummel   Poke 2%   Wario pokes his adversary rapidly.
Forward Throw   Wild Swing-Ding 12%   Wario spins his foe around and then launches them forward, similar to his Wario World attack.
Backward Throw   Wario Waft 9%   Wario throws his foe behind them and then farts them away.
Upward Throw   Headbutt Chuck 10%   Wario flings his adversary above them and the hops up, headbutting them.
Downward Throw   Butt Smash 7%   Wario throws his foe underneath him and squashes them by sitting on them.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Coin Magnet 0%   Wario pulls out his coin magnet to bring items closer to him. This also works on his opponents, but to a lesser extent.
Side Special   Hen 7%   Wario's beloved pet Hen from Wario Land 2 appears and runs away from Wario, dealing 5% damage to whoever she collides with. Wario can guide Hen by chasing her in the direction he wants her to go. After around 10 seconds or after she has been hit by an attack, Hen vanishes.
Up Special   Bulldog 8% - 11%   Wario hops in his trusty seaplane the Bulldog from Wario Land 3 and Virtual Boy Wario Land and flies it straight slowly upwards. Anyone hit by Wario's plane will receive 11% damage. However, if Wario continues flying it for more than four seconds, then it will run out of fuel, causing Wario to come crashing downward, dealing 8% damage to Wario himself as well as anyone he crashes into.
Down Special   Bob-Omb 6%   Wario produces a Bob-Omb, which will explode on contact or after 5 seconds, dealing 6% damage to anyone nearby, including Wario.
Final Smash   Wario Bike 35%   Wario jumps on his Wario Bike and drives it across the stage at an incredible speed, smashing through all walls and barriers along the way. When he reaches the end of the stage, Wario hops off it right before it flies off the stage and disappears, ending the Final Smash. When the Final Smash is over, the walls are restored and the battle continues.
Theme Music
Song Title   Wario's Theme
From   Mario Strikers Charged
Composer(s)   Mike Peacock, Darren Radtke, Chad York
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