Mr. Resetti
Submitted by: Avocado
November 26, 2012
Mr. Resetti is a mole who resides deep underground in Animal Crossing. His main purpose is to lecture and discipline gamers who turn off the power of his games without saving. If the player continues resetting, his anger builds up and he rambles longer and longer, becoming even angrier each time. Mr. Resetti wields a pickaxe in battle in addition to speech bubbles, which can be utilized as a projectile.
Animal Crossing (Nintendo GameCube) - April 14, 2001
Animal Crossing: Wild World (Nintendo DS) - November 23, 2005
Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS) - November 8, 2012

General Information
Offense   7 / 10 Origin   Animal Crossing
Defense   9 / 10 Release Date   April 14, 2001
Projectile   6 / 10 Home Stage   Smashville
Height   3 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Yuichi Kimura
Weight   5 / 10  
Speed   4 / 10 Taunt Up   Mr. Resetti swings his pickaxe aggressively.
Attack Speed   6 / 10 Taunt Down   Mr. Resetti chants, "Hail Resetti!"
Recovery   2 / 10 Taunt Side   Mr. Resetti glares and shouts, "Punk!"
Throwing   1 / 10 Entrance   He pops out from underground.
Final Smash   10 / 10 Platform   A small platform made of dirt with two flowers on the top.
Overall   5.3 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby gains Mr. Resetti's mining hat and overalls.
Special Traits

    Mr. Resetti wields a pickaxe in battle, which he can swing with surprising might.
    He can swing it back and forth as well as use it as a boomerang.
    In addition, Mr. Resetti is the only character that can use speech bubbles to deal damage, which he can use as a projectile. The longer the attacks utilizing speech bubbles are charged, the bigger the bubble is.
    Finally, Mr. Resetti can burrow underground for about a second. However, he is still susceptible to downward attacks and grabs. Also, as Mr. Resetti pops up he is helpless and can be attacked easily.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Pickaxe Swipe 4%   Mr. Resetti swings his pickaxe forward quickly.
Combo (2nd)   Pickaxe Swing 5%   Mr. Resetti once again thrusts his pickaxe, but this time bringing it farther back, thus dealing more damage.
Combo (3rd)   Bid Farewell 4%   Mr. Resetti shouts, "Scram!" The speech bubble is twice as large as when he attacks using Speech Strike, but it deals half as much damage.
Combo (Rapid)   None  
Dash Attack   Stumble Smash 9%   As Mr. Resetti traverses the stage, he trips, bringing throwing his pickaxe in front of him.
Side Tilt   Pickaxe Shake 11%   Mr. Resetti points his pickaxe to the side and shakes it.
Up Tilt   Pickaxe Lift 6%   Mr. Resetti lifts his Pickaxe upward, motivating his fighting spirit. The damage of next attack Mr. Resetti performs is increased by 1%.
Down Tilt   Pickaxe Sweep 4%   Mr. Resetti spins around, dragging his pickaxe along the ground.
Side Smash   Pickaxe Pummel 7%   Mr. Resetti zooms across the ground at an incredible speed, twirling his pickaxe as he goes.
Up Smash   Pickaxe Uppercut 13%   Mr. Resetti swings his pickaxe upward.
Down Smash   Dirt Dig 12%   Mr. Resetti excavates the ground and several rocks fly sideways. Each rock deals 12% damage.
Neutral Aerial   Save Supplication 6%   Mr. Resetti exclaims, "You gotta save!" This speech bubble is average sized and deals average damage. However, it stays stationary for several seconds, damaging any foes who run into it.
Forward Aerial   Pickaxe Slam 12%   Mr. Resetti lifts his pickaxe behind him, then slams it forward violently.
Backward Aerial   Pickaxe Flip 8%   Mr. Resetti flips upside-down, thrusting his pickaxe behind him.
Upward Aerial   Pickaxe Fling 9%   Mr. Resetti throws his pickaxe upwards and catches it several seconds later.
Downward Aerial   Pickaxe Point 10%   Mr. Resetti aims his pickaxe downward and falls with incredible speed.
Grab Tactic   Resetti Reach 0%   Mr. Resetti reaches out with his pickaxe, which grasps his foe, pulling them closer, allowing Mr. Resetti himself to grab them.
Pummel   Pickaxe Pummel 3%   Mr. Resetti pokes the opponent using his pickaxe.
Forward Throw   Pickaxe Push 7%   Mr. Resetti pushes his adversary away with his pickaxe.
Backward Throw   Resetti Spike 9%   Mr. Resetti chucks his foe behind him and then headbutts them away.
Upward Throw   Resetti Wham 10%   Mr. Resetti tosses his foe up and smacks them with his pickaxe.
Downward Throw   Resetti Wallop 11%   Mr. Resetti jumps up and throws his adversary underneath him. Afterwards, Mr. Resetti falls on his adversary.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Speech Strike 8%   Mr. Resetti shouts, "Don't Reset!" The speech bubble deals damage as it flies across the stage horizontally, shrinking and dealing less damage as it goes.
Side Special   Beacon Blitz 0%   The light of Mr. Resetti's mining hat is amplified, stunning nearby opponents for one second.
Up Special   Acrobatics Assault 11%   Mr. Resetti pops out from the ground, performing a somersault in midair as he sticks out his pickaxe.
Down Special   Burrow Barrage 10%   Mr. Resetti tunnels underground and pops up next to his nearest foe. His opponent has a split second to attack or shield, otherwise, they will be smacked by Mr. Resetti's pickaxe.
Final Smash   Tough Love ?%   As Mr. Resetti's rage reaches its peak, steam pours from his ears and he shouts, releasing massive speech bubbles in all directions. Each hit causes 23% damage and substantial knockback in the direction that the speech bubble came from. After two short seconds of this onslaught, Mr. Resetti calms down and the brawl continues.
Theme Music
Song Title   Mr. Resetti's Theme
From   Animal Crossing: Wild World
Composer(s)   Kazumi Totaka
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