Rick Taylor
Submitted by: AlbertWikowonkavitz
December 22, 2013
Rick Taylor is the protagonist of the Splatterhouse series, a series of varyingly violent horror-themed beat-em-up games. In each of the games, Rick Taylor possesses the Terror Mask, a Jason Voorhees-like sentient mask that grants him immense strength and sometimes other special powers, and unfortunately he has to use these powers several times to go through West Mansion and rescue his girlfriend Jennifer, fighting through various monsters along the way. Rick also makes use of various items that he finds along the way, ranging from shotguns, chainsaws, and meat cleavers, to baseball bats, cinder blocks, and lead pipes.
Splatterhouse (Arcade / TurboGrafx-16 / FM Towns) - 1988
Splatterhouse 3 (Sega Genesis) - March 19, 1993
Splatterhouse (PlayStation 2 / XBox 360) - November 23, 2010

General Information
Offense   8 / 10 Origin   Splatterhouse
Defense   6 / 10 Release Date   1988
Projectile   3 / 10 Home Stage   West Mansion
Height   7 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Josh Keaton
Weight   8 / 10  
Speed   6 / 10 Taunt Up   Rick cocks his shotgun up in the air. If Rick has no bullets, he reloads his gun.
Attack Speed   7 / 10 Taunt Down   Rick pulls out a zombie head and bounces it up and down in hand like a baseball.
Recovery   2 / 10 Taunt Side   Rick poses with a random item hitting item, holding it like a baseball bat or sword, whether it is or not.
Throwing   5 / 10 Entrance   Rick puts on the Terror Mask and then becomes the giant muscular monster he normally has to be.
Final Smash   7 / 10 Platform   Rick’s platform looks like mysterious bloody raw meat with boney scaling at the top of it that somewhat resembles a rib cage.
Overall   5.9 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby wears the Terror Mask.
Special Traits

    Rick here combines elements of his appearances in the classic Splatterhouse series and the 2010 game.
    He takes a lot of weapons and abilities from the newer game, but mostly retains his look from the 16-bit era games.
    Rick’s attacks are not as deadly or gory as in his home game, though that’s to be assumed, mostly for the sake of fairness and not seeing Pikachu and such get dismembered. (Plus how do you dismember Kirby or Mr. Game & Watch? Ahh, well…)
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Terror Punch 2% - 5%   A simple, straight forward punch.
Combo (2nd)   Frightful Follow-Through 2% - 5%   Another straight forward punch with the opposite hand.
Combo (3rd)   Terror Kick 2% - 6%   A straight forward kick.
Combo (Rapid)   N/A  
Dash Attack   Terror Slide 3% - 9%   Rick slides on the ground with a kick.
Side Tilt   Zombie Head 2% - 5%   Rick bashes forward with a zombie’s head.
Up Tilt   Cut Up 2% - 8%   Rick pulls out a sword and slices upwards.
Down Tilt   Hard Stomp 3% - 9%   Rick stomps down hard with one foot.
Side Smash   Light Trimming 15% - 30%   Rick pulls out some hedge clippers and opens and closes them onto a nearby opponent really quickly.
Up Smash   High Five 10% - 20%   Rick pulls out a zombie arm and smacks upward with it.
Down Smash   Lumberly Action 15% - 45%   Rick cuts downward with a chainsaw. Slow start-up, but acts as a short, high damage three hit combo.
Neutral Aerial   Letter Opener 2% - 7%   Rick slashes across with a machete.
Forward Aerial   Foot of Death 2% - 5%   Rick flies forward in the air with a kick.
Backward Aerial   Dropkicker 2% - 8%   Rick performs a dropkick.
Upward Aerial   Pipe Up 2% - 5%   Rick smacks diagonally upward with a lead pipe.
Downward Aerial   Meet the Cleaver 2% - 7%   Rick cuts downward with a meat cleaver.
Grab Tactic   Body Choke 1%   Rick holds up the opponent with one hand.
Pummel   Head Bash 2%   Rick bashes his head onto the opponent.
Forward Throw   Dice and Slice 2% - 6%   Rick tosses the opponent forward and cuts across with a machete.
Backward Throw   Dropkick Throw 2% - 7%   Rick throws the opponent, then performs a dropkick on them.
Upward Throw   Batter Up 3% - 7%   Rick tosses the opponent up and then hits them away with a baseball bat.
Downward Throw   Block Head 2% - 7%   Rick bashes the opponent into the ground with a cinder block.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Shotgun 5% - 40%   Rick shoots a bullet straight forward from his shotgun, with some recoil pushing him slightly back. This is Rick’s only real projectile, but it’s gradually powerful, easy to use, and it deals some good knockback as well. However still, the gun only has eight shells at a time, and you’ll have to reload by doing the Up Taunt before being able to fire again. It also only goes a distance of about two Stage Builder blocks before disappearing.
Side Special   Splatter Shredder 2% - 12%   Rick’s hands turn into blades, and he runs forward for about three Stage Builder blocks, rapidly slashing left and right.
Up Special   Splatter Smash 2% - 14%   Rick jumps into the air, does a flip, and then smashes down to the ground, causing a shockwave and a spire about as tall as himself to rise up in front of himself. This move has some risk, but can be a neat combo if pulled off.
Down Special   Splatter Siphon 2% - ?%   Multiple spikes burst out from Rick, and any nearby opponent hit by the spikes takes minor damage as Rick heals back health at a rate of 2% every 2 seconds. Easy enough to get away from, but damaging and beneficial enough to Rick.
Final Smash   Berserker Mode ?%   Rick “Hulks out” even further and becomes 2x taller, with the mask turning red while further taking over his body, and his shirt ripping off. Rick’s normal moves and speed increase their damage output by 2x. Rick’s specials change as well: three spires release from the ground in Splatter Smash, Rick goes further in Splatter Shredder, and more spikes emerge from his body in the Splatter Siphon, resulting in even more damage. These changes last for about 15 seconds before Rick reverts back to his previous state.
Theme Music
Song Title   I Will Find You
From   Splatterhouse
Composer(s)   K. Tajima & Y. Kawamoto
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