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Submitted by: AlbertWikowonkavitz
November 25, 2012
Mega Man initially started out as Rock, a household helper robot for Dr. Light. However, when Light’s former colleague Dr. Wily hijacked the robots that the two doctors had worked on to help him conquer the world, Rock volunteered to be upgraded to a fighting robot to help protect the world from the evil Robot Masters. Mega Man has a standard chargeable arm cannon known as the Mega Buster, as well as the Variable Weapon System, which allows him to copy the weapons of Robot Masters he has defeated. He’s had a few companions in the past, but his most loyal is Rush, who aids Mega Man by turning into various vehicles and eventually combining with Mega Man to give him flight capabilities and greater power. Mega Man has defended the world numerous times from Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters, as well as a few other enemies. He does this not because he enjoys fighting, but because he wants the world to be safe.
Mega Man (Nintendo) - December 17, 1987
Mega Man 7 (Super Nintendo) - March 24, 1995
Mega Man 10 (Nintendo WiiWare / PlayStation Network / XBox Live Arcade) - March 1, 2010

General Information
Offense   6 / 10 Origin   Mega Man
Defense   4 / 10 Release Date   December 17, 1987
Projectile   8 / 10 Home Stage   Dr. Light's Laboratory
Height   6 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Cole Howard (English) / Kaoru Fujino (Japanese)
Weight   8 / 10  
Speed   5 / 10 Taunt Up   Mega Man pumps his fist up in the air, then gives a peace sign while saying “Yatta!” (or “Let’s do this!” when you have the English VA selected)
Attack Speed   7 / 10 Taunt Down   Mega Man takes off his helmet, then puts on a Metool helmet. After about 3 seconds, he puts it away and puts his regular helmet back on.
Recovery   7 / 10 Taunt Side   Mega Man leans over and sticks his tongue out while wiggling his hands behind his ears and babbling.
Throwing   5 / 10 Entrance   Mega Man teleports down in a beam onto the stage like he does in his games.
Final Smash   6 / 10 Platform   Mega Man comes back down on Rush in his Jet form.
Overall   6.2 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby gains Mega Man’s helmet and a small Mega Buster on his hand. No matter what weapon Mega Man has selected, Kirby will always get the regular Mega Buster attack.
Special Traits

    Mega Man fights primarily with Robot Master weapons from the various games, slightly modified for variation/usability, as well as his buster, some regular default items from some of the games, and a small bit of physical attacks thrown in.
    Mega Man can Wall Jump, but he can’t Wall Cling.
    Rush follows Mega Man around in the background, like Pokémon Trainer, but instead of commanding, Rush can assist for several moves, and combines with Mega Man for his Final Smash.
    When Mega Man shields himself, rather than the standard one, there comes a random spinning shield (Leaf, Skull, Junk, etc.), about the size of the largest regular shield, from one of his games that fades away after a short period of time (5 seconds). He cannot be stunned because it doesn’t break, but it shields for a smaller amount of time than a normal shield.
    Mega Man has good projectiles/range, but is heavy and takes damage poorly. His moves with Rush give him decent recovery.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Mega Punch 3% - 5%   Mega Man does a quick jabbing forward punch.
Combo (2nd)   Mega Uppercut 3% - 5%   Mega Man does a quick uppercut.
Combo (3rd)   Mega Kick 3% - 5%   Mega Man does a quick side kick.
Combo (Rapid)   N/A  
Dash Attack   Slide Kick 3% - 5%   Mega Man slides forward on the ground with his foot pointed outward.
Side Tilt   Slash Claw 3% - 5%   Mega Man does a quick slashing swipe with a claw attachment to his buster.
Up Tilt   Shoryuken 3% - 5%   Mega Man does a quick spinning uppercut.
Down Tilt   Mega Boots 3% - 5%   Mega Man does a handstand facing backwards and does a quick thrusting kick with the back of both of his feet.
Side Smash   Pharoah Wave 7% - 14%   Mega Man sends two small yellow waves of energy outward on the ground at each of his sides.
Up Smash   Flame Sword 16% - 18%   Mega Man pulls out a fiery sword and slashes upward.
Down Smash   Ice Wave 20% - 22%   Mega Man shoots up a small icicle from the ground. At high enough damage percentages, this can freeze a foe.
Neutral Aerial   Top Spin 3% - 5%   Mega Man spins once in the air with his fists outward at his sides.
Forward Aerial   Charge Kick 4% - 6%   Mega Man launches forward with a flying kick.
Backward Aerial   Elbow Jab 3% - 5%   Mega Man jabs behind himself with his elbow.
Upward Aerial   Air Tornado 4% - 6%   Mega Man spins upward slightly with a tornado surrounding him for slight added knockback.
Downward Aerial   Grounding Kick 3% - 5%   Mega Man does a kick descending diagonally downwards.
Grab Tactic   Dust Crusher 0%   A short range gust of wind sucks the opponent towards Mega Man so that he can latch onto them with his buster.
Pummel   Buster Shot 3% - 5%   Mega Man does a regular Mega Buster shot to the opponent, causing a small explosive burst.
Forward Throw   Thunder Beam 4% - 6%   Mega Man shoots the opponent away with a small, thin streak of electricity.
Backward Throw   Ring Boomerang 3% - 5%   Mega Man catches the opponent in a ring and throws them behind himself, out of the ring.
Upward Throw   Wave Burner 3% - 5%   Mega Man spikes the opponent up with a short upward burst of fire.
Downward Throw   Super Arm 4% - 6%   Mega Man throws the opponent down, then smashes a small boulder onto them.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Mega Buster /
Variable Weapon System
3% - 9%   Mega Man shoots out a small (Mario’s fireball size) straight forward energy shot, and can shoot out up to two more at a time by tapping B. If Mega Man holds down B for about 3 seconds, he can shoot out a larger (Soccer Ball-size), more damaging shot. If B is held for 3 more seconds, he can shoot out his most damaging shot. This move can be charged while walking, but once B is let go, the shot is released no matter what. Mega Man also has three other weapons he can choose from by taunting, once to select, once to deselect. Like in the games, these weapons have certain advantages and disadvantages, and have their own meters to prevent you from overusing them.
Metal Blade – Selected/deselected via Up-Taunt. Mega Man can shoot out a straight forward spinning saw blade about the size of Kirby and can tap B again to shoot out up to two more at a time. This weapon does the most damage, but runs out the fastest.
Yamato Spear – Selected/deselected via Side-Taunt. Mega Man shoots out a straight-forward spear. This item is the quickest and takes longer to run out, but does the least damage and cannot be easily spammed.
Black Hole Bomb – Selected/deselected via Down-Taunt. Mega Man shoots out a black hole in front of himself that sucks opponents toward him and traps them for about 3 seconds inside to rack up damage. Mega Man can travel to another area of the stage and tap B again to make that black hole disappear and a new appear in front of him. This move does okay damage, but does not have as many benefits as the other selectable weapons.
Side Special   Rush Jet 3% - 5%   Rush appears beneath Mega Man in his Jet form and rockets him forward. Rush will automatically stop and teleport back to the background if he collides with anyone/anything.
Up Special   Rush Coil 0%   Rush appears beneath Mega Man and bounces him upward from a spring that comes out of his back. Works like Sonic’s Up-B, basically.
Down Special   Mega Ball 3% - 5%   A soccer ball –esque item appears in front of Mega Man and he kicks it forward. Unlike the actual Soccer Ball item, this item will only stay on the ground. It can be kicked by other opponents, and will disappear after it has been kicked off stage, though Mega Man can summon it again afterward.
Final Smash   Super Mega Man 18% - 25%   Rush teleports away and then latches onto Mega Man’s back, slowly transforming into a new set of armor for Mega Man, making him Super Mega Man. Mega Man can now fly freely for about 15 seconds. A releases Hard Knuckle, a fist-shaped, slow moving, homing missile, and B releases a fully charged Mega Buster shot.
Theme Music
Song Title   Title Theme
From   Mega Man III
Composer(s)   Yasuaki Fujita
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