Katsuie Shibata
Submitted by: akakievich
January 16, 2013
Katsuie Shibata is one of Nobunaga Oda's most loyal retainers. In Samurai Warriors 2, he used to use a regular spear and roughly spoke to anyone in the Oda army. In Xtreme Legends, he starts out at Okehazama fighting against the Imagawa clan alongside his student, Toshiie Maeda. He rescues his future wife Oichi from the Azai then participates in the fall of the Takeda, but eventually, Nobunaga is murdered at Honnoji. With his time's end closing in, Katsuie fights with Hideyoshi for succession to the Oda clan. After the battle is lost, he locks himself inside his castle and burns himself alive, leaving the new age to his "son". In Samurai Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends, we learn of Katsuie and Toshiie's relationship more close hand: Toshiie got himself kicked out of the Oda forces for reckless behavior, but the old man's kindness allows him back into the Oda army. After Okehazama, the Devil Shibata fights at Inabayama becoming romantically involved with Oichi. At Odani, he fights through a large charade of Azai forces and meets with Nagamasa, but fails to get reconciliation. After killing the Bizen lord, Katsuie offers Oichi to be honest to the "devil who never cries". At Tedorigawa, the outnumbered Katsuie manages to turn the tide, and keep Oichi and others safe. Once Nobunaga dies, Hideyoshi attempts to bring peace through a political marriage. The gap in hostilities remains wide. For the final battle at Shizugatake, Mitsunari orders Toshiie to defect to Hideyoshi's dream. Although he gains victory, he finally sheds tears until Oichi comforts Katsuie about Hideyoshi's opportunities in life.
Samurai Warriors 2 (PlayStation 2 / XBox 360) - February 24, 2006
Samurai Warriors 3 (Nintendo Wii) - December 3, 2009

General Information
Offense   9 / 10 Origin   Samurai Warriors 2
Defense   8 / 10 Release Date   February 24, 2006
Projectile   6 / 10 Home Stage   Shizugatake
Height   5.5 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Eiji Takemoto (Japanese) / David Lodge (English)
Weight   8.5 / 10  
Speed   5 / 10 Taunt Up   Punches himself with no effect saying "Come, I shall give you death!"
Attack Speed   5.5 / 10 Taunt Down   Brings his arms close then raises them up as he announces "Brace yourself!"
Recovery   5.5 / 10 Taunt Side   Bends his head left then right, then swings his left axe left while saying "I await a challenger who can topple me."
Throwing   10 / 10 Entrance   Katsuie rides a horse to his starting point then jumps off saying "Look into my eyes and know the power of the Devil Shibata!"
Final Smash   8 / 10 Platform   The platform he uses resembles one of his axes.
Overall   7.1 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby gets Katsuie's hair and beard.
Special Traits

    Katsuie can do a Wall Climb using his axes as if climbing an icy mountain.
    Due his strength, Katsuie can well carry heavy items like Donkey Kong, even Bonsly.
    Katsuie blocks using his axes.
    Like other strong characters, Katsuie gets an unlockable wrestler outfit.
    His other costumes consist of his Samurai Warriors 2 getup, his alternate outfit in Warriors Orochi 2, his Pang De cosplay in Warriors Orochi 3 and an original outfit dressing him in hillbilly clothing.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Axe Swing 5%   Katsue swings his right axe diagonally down left.
Combo (2nd)   Jagged Cut 7%   Katsuie sends his left axe hard to the right diagonally.
Combo (3rd)   Double Rock Chop 6%   Katsuie uses both axes to swing them to the left and down to his side.
Combo (Rapid)   Woodsman of Oda 3% - 8%   Katsuie slices his axes into the center right 2 times, left 2 times, and finishes by doing a hard left swing, sending his opponent packing with 8%.
Dash Attack   Rugby Tackle 10%   Katsuie runs with his arms open. If he connects, he grabs the victim's waist and slams him/her to the ground like in football.
Side Tilt   Owari Lariat 8%   Katsuie raises his right arm, then swings it right, punching any anyone trying to get near him.
Up Tilt   Tree Cutter 11%   Katsue swings his axes upwards in front of himself.
Down Tilt   Hell Slide 9%   Katsuie slides forward with his legs together, tripping anyone in his way.
Side Smash   Clothesline 14%   Katsuie runs forward with his left arm, smashing it to opponents unlucky enough to run. The more you charge, the wider he runs. Shibata runs 2 Bowsers uncharged, and 3 Bowsers full charged.
Up Smash   Owari Elbow Smash 6% - 10%   Katsuie jams his right elbow into his opponent's gut, then hits him/her in the face, knocking the target into the sky.
Down Smash   Shibata Windmill 9% - 15%   Katsuie first takes his axes near his right leg, then swings them all around in a circle surrounding himself.
Neutral Aerial   Bird Killer 4%   Katsuie aiming diagonally swings his right axe left, then his left axe right doing 4% per hit.
Forward Aerial   Face Kick 5%   Katsuie brings his legs together then kicks them at his opponent.
Backward Aerial   See Through 8%   Katsuie stabs his axes behind himself attacking anyone trying to come behind.
Upward Aerial   Crescent Axe 7%   Katsuie positions his right axe below then swings it like making a crescent shape.
Downward Aerial   Shoulder Drop 12%   Katsuie positions himself with his shoulder facing the ground like a wrestler jumping off a turnbuckle then shoots immediately downward.
Grab Tactic   Neck Reach 0%   Katsuie briefly sheathes one of his axes and reaches with the now open hand. If he grabs an opponent, he puts him/her in a one-arm chokehold.
Pummel   Throat Break 5%   Katsuie crushes his opponent's throat while holding them.
Forward Throw   Katsuie Body Slam 4% - 9%   Katsuie with both axes sheathed punches his defenseless opponent's gut 2 times with 4% then does the regular body slam with 9%.
Backward Throw   Neck Break Toss 6% - 8%   Katsuie grabs his opponents head then goes up saying "Simply pathetic!", then twists the head going to the opposite direction then throws him/her off.
Upward Throw   Crossface 9%   Katsuie kicks his opponent to the ground face first, then quickly grips the head and greatly snaps the neck, doing 9% of damage.
Downward Throw   Fireman Carry Away 8% - 10%   Katsuie puts his opponent in a Fireman's Carry, slams him/her to the canvas, then throws the opponent up, taunting "Get outta here!"
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Axe-erang 8%   Katsuie raises his right axe behind himself then steps forward while throwing the axe at his opponent. Should B be pressed a second time, he will step forward again and throw his left axe at his prey. A third time B is pressed has Katsuie bring his axes above himself together then throws them forward while lunging. Each throw has the axe go 3 Luigis forward before returning to their owner. If the axes were to be deflected, they will indeed hit Katsuie. Each time an axe connects, it gives 8% per damage to enemies.
Side Special   Bamboo Shibata Driver 15%   Katsuie moves forward a little to try and grab his opponent. If he manages to reach his opponent, the bearded Oda retainer then flies upwards while spinning and holding his helpless enemy. After flying 2 Links forward, he slams the target into the ground before jumping off the downed opponent. As he is holding his opponent, Katsuie is left vulnerable to the opponent's assist trophy and other players in multiplayer so it is best to distance you and your opponent before attempting the move.
Up Special   Heavenly Climb 7% - 9%   Katsuie jumps skywards swinging his left axe up like he's doing a Shoryuken. After he goes 3 Gray Foxes upwards, he then takes his right axe in midair and does the same uppercut but goes 2 Ikes up. If anypne were to be too close to Katsuie when he does this attack, they be carried up with the Oda fighter and first dealt 7% then 9% before he shot sky high. Once he is done with this Shoryuken-ish slash, Katsuie will begin to freefall to the ground.
Down Special   Owari Backbreaker 13%   Katsuie runs 2 Sonics forward trying to grab onto someone. If he makes it to his opponent, he raises the captive opponent well above his shoulders before stepping forward and breaking their back with 13% of damage. After breaking their back, Katsuie throws the opponent off. Like all special throw moves, Katsuie is vulnerable to attack. This move will not work on very giant playables however.
Final Smash   Devil Shibata Buster 52%   Katsuie raises his arms shouting "Fear the Devil Shibata!" then runs with his arms open. If he connects with an opponent, the Devil Shibata first does a body slam, then a clover hold, next comes a German suplex, and finally, Katsuie puts his opponent above him with the feet and hands locked in place and the head trapped on the old man's shoulder. He then jumps up and slams the trapped opponent into the ground while doing a sit out with 52% of damage. After the final smash, Katsuie releases the opponent and says "Run and hide!"
Theme Music
Song Title   Shizugatake -Utsusemi-
From   Samurai Warriors 3
Composer(s)   Kensuke Inaga
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