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October 12, 2012
Guile is a member of the USAF. His mentor and partner was Charlie who taught him the power of Sonic Boom. Years before Street Fighter II, Guile went to find his friend Charlie who was on an investigation. He eventually finds Shadaloo HQ in Thailand. Despite warnings of impending bombardment, Charlie insists that M. Bison might escape. They eventually find the Psycho Drive being a source of Bison's power but Charlie stays behind and is presumed dead when the charges go off. Chun-li and Ryu appear before Guile and he is told that Charlie might have survived the explosion and continues to believe.Although Bison was brought to trial, he bribed the judges to acquit him. Angered, Guile leaves his family to avenge Charlie.
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Arcade / Super Nintendo / Sega Genesis) - March 1991
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Arcade / PlayStation / Sega Dreamcast) - June 29, 1998
Street Fighter IV (Arcade / PlayStation 3 / XBox 360 / PC) - July 18, 2008

General Information
Offense   8 / 10 Origin   Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
Defense   7 / 10 Release Date   March 1991
Projectile   6 / 10 Home Stage   USAF Air Base
Height   5 / 10 Voice Actor/Actress   Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese) / Travis Willingham (English)
Weight   6 / 10  
Speed   8 / 10 Taunt Up   Points his fingers like a gun and taunts "You call that a fight?!"
Attack Speed   4 / 10 Taunt Down   Looks at Charlie's dog tag necklace and says "Charlie, if you were here..."
Recovery   5 / 10 Taunt Side   Brushes some of his hair asking "You okay there?"
Throwing   9 / 10 Entrance   A fighter jet swoops by and Guile jumps out saying "Mission start!"
Final Smash   9 / 10 Platform   His platform for his resurrection is the USAF symbol.
Overall   6.7 / 10 Kirby Hat   Kirby gains Guile's hair.
Special Traits

    Guile is a hard puncher.
    He can give an extra magazine to gun items.
Basic Moveset
Attack Name Damage Short Description
Combo (1st)   Jab 2% - 3%   Guile does a quick boxer jab.
Combo (2nd)   Uppercut 3%   Guile does a right uppercut to his target's chin.
Combo (3rd)   Body Blow 5%   Guile gives a body blow to the opponent's gut, leaving him/her incapacitated for 1.145 seconds.
Combo (Rapid)   Chest Beater 3%   Guile thrusts his fists at the opponent's chest 5 times.
Dash Attack   Leaping Kick 6%   Guile leaps off the ground and does a spin kick with his right leg knocking targets away.
Side Tilt   Discharged! 6%   Guile does a spin kick with his left leg while going forward and stands straight pusing his right leg hard enough to kick his target away doing 6% each.
Up Tilt   Medium Upper 7%   Guile gives a hard uppercut with his left arm, knocking enemies into the air.
Down Tilt   Double Sweep 7%   Guile sweeps the ground in front with 2 sweep kicks.
Side Smash   Overhead Kick 5% - 14%   Guile lightly jumps from the ground and does a kick to the face while shouting "Let's go!"
Up Smash   Takeoff! 9% - 17%   Guile crouches on the ground and lightly rises doing a left uppercut while yelling "Bring it!"
Down Smash   Gut Shot 8% - 16%   Guile crouches and does a straight punch that sends opponents flying.
Neutral Aerial   Lower Turret 10%   Guile does a low punch to defend himself from ground attacks.
Forward Aerial   Heel Drop 12%   Guile raises his left heel up and slams it down hard.
Backward Aerial   Defense Turret 6%   Guile does his does his dash attack kick but turns around.
Upward Aerial   Double Uppercut 9%   Guile does an uppercut with both arms on all sides.
Downward Aerial   Bomber 10%   Guile positions himself like a cannonball and drops hard until he hits an opponent.
Grab Tactic   Come Here Soldier! 0%   Guile reaches a hand out to grab opponents.
Pummel   Kick For Disgrace 4%   Guile knees his opponent in the stomach.
Forward Throw   Camel Clutch 11%   Guile throws his prey to the ground but then breaks their back with a Camel Clutch.
Backward Throw   German Suplex 13%   Guile turns his opponent around and slams him/her behind him.
Upward Throw   Liftoff 10%   Guile raises a fist behind himself with "There you..." then punches the opponent "go!" under the chin and knocks him/her into the air.
Downward Throw   Clover Hold 3% - 8%   Guile trips his opponent then breaks his/her legs and breaks them.
Special Moves
Attack Name Damage Details
Standard Special   Sonic Boom 8%   Guile lunges forward and swings his arms out sending a crescent-shaped wave of energy at his opponent. This energy wave will travel almost slower than the Hadouken attack. If the Sonic Boom does make contact with an opponent, it will knock him/her off balance for 2 seconds. If Guile hits the off balance target with a second Sonic Boom, it will surely send the enemy flying, the hard way. Guile was taught this killer technique by his friend, Charlie.
Side Special   Knee Bazooka 7% - 13%   Guile leaps forward with his right knee forward. A successful connection with this kick will cause the opponent to stagger back a little before recovering. 2 hits form it will be required to even faze giant opponent. The kick does 7% but 13% if fully charged. Do not do this dangerously close to a ring edge, as Guile will be in freefall when this is done. Normally he would fly 2 Sonics forward but charged up will have him fly 3 Sonics at his opponents.
Up Special   Flash Kick 14%   Guile crouches briefly and shoots upwards with a back flip while doing an arc kick. As he kicks, Guile has a flash appearing in front of him. Guile will go 3 Gray Foxes upwards when he does the kick. Anyone who is standing too close to the USAF fighter will be sent sky high with 14% of damage in the Flash Kick's wake. Guile is given brief invulnerability before executing. After he is done using this special kick attack, Guile will begin to drop back down in the freefall.
Down Special   B-52 Choke Slam 15%   Guile reaches his right arm to grab his opponent. If he grabs him/her, he will hold his opponent by the throat then jump 2 Krystals upwards with the opponent above him, then slam the target into the ground with 15% of damage. Guile will then jump off the downed opponent. The opponent is then left stunned for 3 seconds. This can give Guile time to get Smash Balls, Assist Trophies, etc. In Multiplayer match-ups, Guile's back is vulnerable to attack.
Final Smash   Sonic Hurricane 3% - 62%   Guile his arms to his chest then apart as he announces his final smash name then swings his arms together, surrounding himself in a ring of chi. If the opponent goes too close to Guile, he/she will spin violently around while taking 3% up to 7 hits, and be spat out with 62% of damage. After 6 seconds, the Sonic Hurricane dies down and Guile says "This is the power Charlie left me!"
Theme Music
Song Title   Theme of Guile
From   Street Fighter IV
Composer(s)   Yoko Shimomura
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