Huff N. Puff
Submitted by: DK3
November 13, 2013
Huff N. Puff is a a large cloud monster of the Puff species appearing in the game Paper Mario. He is found in the sixth chapter of the game, Dark Days in Flower Fields, in the area Flower Fields preventing the sun from shining over the lands.

Bowser assigned Huff N. Puff to guard the sixth Star Spirit, Klevar, by using the Star Rod to turn him into a Ruff Puff beast. Mario and his comrades, with the help from their new teammate Lakilester, destroy his Puff-Puff Machine, defeat him, save Klevar and bring peace back to Flower Fields. His base of operations is Cloudy Climb. After Huff N. Puff is defeated, he explodes, sending several Tuff Puffs flying in all directions. In spite of this, he does make an appearance in the credits during the parade, being shrunk by the Yoshi kids and chased by Gourmet Guy, who has a knife and fork and wants to eat him. However, the parade at the end is argued by some, to be merely showing most of the characters who appeared in the game, as many Mario games are portrayed as being a play of some sort.
Paper Mario (Nintendo 64) - August 11, 2000

General Information
Name   Huff N. Puff Origin   Paper Mario
Voice Actor/Actress   N/A Release Date   August 11, 2000
Health   150HP (Easy-Medium) / 200HP (Hard) / 250HP (Very Hard) / 350HP (Intense)
Fight Details

    Huff N. Puff will float on the outer edges of the solitairy, cloudy platform, in a similar fashion to Master Hand. Every 5 seconds or so, he'll perform an attack, giving a brief opportunity for player(s) to capitalize. By attacking Huff N. Puff, he will spawn smaller Tuff Puffs equal to the amount of damage done divided by 5. This number is rounded up on Easy through Hard difficulties, and rounded down on Very Hard and Intense. So if a player hits Huff N. Puff for 23% damage on Normal difficulty, 5 Tuff Puffs will spawn. Each Tuff Puff has only 5HP health but won't have their own avatar and health displayed at the bottom of the screen. Tuff Puffs will also float across the stage occassionally and body slam the player(s), causing 2%-4% damage a piece. They can be defeated before the hit connects as well.

Attack #1: Inhale Tuff Puffs
This attack doesn't cause any damage to players or affect them in any way, instead, Huff N. Puff will inhale a strong wind and swallow all Tuff Puffs currently on the stage. He'll then heal himself equal to the total HP remaining within each and every Tuff Puff inhaled. So it's important to attack the Tuff Puffs each time they're spawned after attacking Huff N. Puff himself.
Attack #2: Blowing Wind
Huff N. Buff will briefly inhale a short breath, giving the sign that he will soon exhale and attempt to blow the player(s) off the stage. This wind is very similar to Whispy Wood's wind breath on the Green Greens stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee. This attack doesn't cause any direct harm.
Attack #3: Body Slam
Huff N. Puff will simply perform a front flip in the direction of a random player target and slam down on them, causing anywhere from 12%-28% damage depending on difficulty as well as a medium to strong knockback. This attack can be dodged quite easily, but shielding may result in a shield break.
Attack #4: Earthquake
When Huff N. Puff reaches 50HP, he'll gain a new attack, Earthquake. He'll extend his fists upward as the ground begins to instantly quake, causing around 20%-36% damage to any player(s) standing on the ground along with a vertical knockback. This attack can easily be dodged by being in the air, but there is a very small window of opportunity from the moment Huff N. Puff gives any signs of executing this attack to the point the player(s) would receive the blow.
Attack #5: Thunder Strike
(Very Hard-Intense)
Huff N. Puff will extend his arms in a similar fashion to when he executes his Earthquake attack, but instead, a bolt of lightning will shoot down from the sky in an attempt to strike the player. This attack does not cause any knockback, but instead causes 16%-24% damage and stuns the player(s) for up to 4 seconds.
Boss Battle Music
Song Title   Huffin' and Puffin'
From   Paper Mario
Composer(s)   Yuka Tsujiyoko & Taishi Senda
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