Submitted by: James007
November 27, 2013
The Nintendogs are dogs and the centre characters from the game Nintendogs. The type of breed made their first video game debut on the Nintendo DS under the name, Nintendogs, in three different versions at first appearance, Dachshund & Friends, Labrador & Friends, also known as Shiba & Friends in Japan, and Chihuahua & Friends. The gameplay shows as a virtual pet simulator to look after the maximum of three dogs. Few days later, another Nintendogs game is made called, Nintendogs: Best Friends, until the name changed into Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends. During the release of the Nintendo 3DS, another Nintendogs game is made for the 3DS under the name, Nintendogs + Cats. unlike the other Nintendogs game, this game allows players to look after not only dogs, but cats as well.
Nintendogs (Nintendo DS) - April 21, 2005
Nintendogs + Cats (Nintendo 3DS) - February 26, 2011

General Information
Name   Nintendog Origin   Nintendogs
Voice Actor/Actress   N/A Release Date   April 21, 2005
Assistance Type   Distraction Availability   Default
Chance of Appearance   Common    
Assistance Description

    When release from the Assist Trophy. The Nintendog will look at the screen and disappear after 1 second the dog reappear but in front of the screen looking around, during that, the Nintendog will touch the screen with its paws and play around on it and look at the screen. After around 15-20 seconds or when a character gets the Smash Ball, the Nintendog will look down right and jump off, disappearing from the stage.

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