Alice Margatroid
Submitted by: Girkirby
November 27, 2013
A youkai magician who specializes in making dolls. Using her magic, she can manipulate these dolls to her own use, such as battling or completing chores. She is often accompanied by the dolls Shanghai or Hourai, which she often uses in her spell cards. Alice also apparently fills her dolls with gunpowder and as a result, many of them explode in when in combat. She likes to battle, and if she is challenged to one, she will gladly accept. She does not, however, like to win battles through overwhelming power, and as such, does not give it her all in fights. Alice was once a human being, but through some training and high dexterity, she eventually became a youkai. Despite this, she still has human habits such as eating or sleeping and is still somewhat friendly towards humans, even allowing them to take shelter in her house in the Forest of Magic when they're lost in the forest. However, since Alice is not really eager for conversation, and considering the fact that her house is filled with many dolls, many visitors often flee when they sense something eerie. She is also known to exhibit her skills with using dolls in front of people at times of festivals in Gensokyo.
Mystic Square (NEC PC-9801) - December 30, 1998
Perfect Cherry Blossom (PC) - August 17, 2003
Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (PC) - May 25, 2008

General Information
Name   Alice Margatroid Origin   Mystic Square
Voice Actor/Actress   N/A Release Date   December 30, 1998
Assistance Type   Indirect Availability   Default
Chance of Appearance   Common    
Assistance Description

    When Alice appears from an assist trophy, she begins to summon multiple dolls while standing in the place she was summoned and then commands them by pointing with her finger. These dolls, which appear five at a time, will begin to chase after random players in an attempt to collide with them. Once a doll collides with a player, it shortly explodes a second afterwards. The collision deals 2-4% damage and the explosion 5-8% damage. After fifteen seconds pass, Alice will disappear along with any dolls that are still on the stage.

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