Revolver Ocelot
Submitted by: DK3
November 27, 2013
Throughout his career, Ocelot became personally acquainted with all four members of the Snake family: a friendly rival to Big Boss, a henchman for Liquid Snake, the right-hand man for Solidus Snake, and a nemesis to Solid Snake. Specializing in infiltrations of a different nature than Solid Snake and Big Boss, Ocelot often acting as a double agent, or even a triple agent, to serve multiple interests in the same situation.
Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation) - September 3, 1998
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PlayStation 2) - November 17, 2004
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PlayStation 4 / XBox One / PlayStation 3 / XBox 360) - 2014

General Information
Name   Revolver Ocelot Origin   Metal Gear Solid
Voice Actor/Actress   Patric Zimmerman (English) / Koji Totani (Japanese) Release Date   September 3, 1998
Assistance Type   Projectile Availability   Default
Chance of Appearance   Uncommon    
Assistance Description

    Upon appearing on the stage from the Assist Trophy capsule, Ocelot will stand in place, completely unworried by his surroundings while fiddling with his signature weapon. After a few seconds, he'll choose his target with careful planning and precision before firing upon them with a quick torrent of quick moving projectiles. Each round that connects with his opponent can harm the player for about 2% to 4% damage a piece and add up to about 20% or higher relatively quickly. After emptying an entire magazine, Revolver Ocelot will disappear by means of camoflauge.

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