Nintendog + Cat
Submitted by: DK3
November 22, 2013
The game retains much the same style of gameplay as the original Nintendogs, including various breeds of dogs and cats as well as training exercises included in the first game. But, the tricks have been changed, you now get a tutorial for each trick as you keep playing. You now no longer need to say exactly the same name of the trick (e.g. In addition to touchscreen and microphone input, the game also employs the system's camera along with facial recognition technology to interact with the player. For example, after a while, the player's pet will recognize them and will likewise greet them. However, if a new player shows up, they may react negatively. If the trainer puts their face close to the camera then the puppy will come up to the screen and lick them, they will also mimic them if they tilt their head.
Nintendogs (Nintendo DS) - April 21, 2005
Nintendogs + Cats (Nintendo 3DS) - February 26, 2011

General Information
Name   Nintendog + Cat Origin   Nintendogs
Voice Actor/Actress   N/A Release Date   April 21, 2005
Assistance Type   Distraction Availability   Default
Chance of Appearance   Uncommon    
Assistance Description

    When this Assist Trophy is randomly selected from the capsule, either a Nintendog or a Nintencat will make an appearance from within the item. Unlike in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the pet will stay on the stage itself and prefer to play with the participants of the battle instead of pawing at the camera. Shortly after the animal's appearance on the stage, various pet toys will also appear, such as dog bones, tennis balls, and cat nip. These items are temporary and can be picked up and thrown to interact with the friendly critter. After twenty seconds of an on-screen appearance, the pet will disappear after falling asleep, followed by the pet toys disappearing as well. Side features of this Assist Trophy are that throwing the toys at other players can cause very minor damage, about 1% or 2% damage, and many different breeds of cats and dogs are available to make appearances.

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