The Start of Something Big?
November 1, 2013
Posted by: DK3

If you haven't taken notice just yet, please check out the newly renamed "Submissions" section, which was formerly known as "Ideas", and you'll see that the updating process has effectively begun. Characters and Stages lists now have gotten their own pages found within the Submissions section, not to mention that all the Symbols can now be found collectively on the same page as well.
And though this isn't being formally stated on the Submissions page just yet, I'd like to note that Characters and Stages will now have 2 different, shall we say, levels of submissions. The 'silver' borders indicate that the submission is posted under the old layout and submission fields, while the 'gold' border indicates that the content is the newer version of the layout. Over time, submissions from the old site design will reemerge on this site alongside the newer ones.
If you find any problems or errors, please let me know on the forums via either posting about it or PMing me.
Thanks and have fun submitting!

  Attempting to Revive Mercurious
October 11, 2013
Posted by: DK3

Over the next however many days it may take, I'll be working on the site to hopefully bring life into Mercurious once again. I have posted more news on this on our forums. You can find the post here. If you are a member on the forums, please post your thoughts in the topic.

  16 New Submissions Added
January 18, 2013
Posted by: DK3

A more sizable update on display for this month and finally got around to doing more things that I wanted to for the past month or so. First of all, we have 8 new characters added to the site, bringing the current total up to 61. Another 6 stages were added to the site as well, including the ones I've been meaning to add in the last update.

More notably however, may be the addition of items to the site with 2 items from the Super Mario franchise. With these, I'm now accepting Item Submissions once more.

On a side note, many of the character images have been resized to fit their pages better.

  15 New Submissions Added
December 27, 2012
Posted by: DK3

I was originally going to put this update off further until I finished a few new stage submission pages to add in along with these characters, but seeing as how much time was passing by without an update, I decided against it and just uploaded just these anyway. The pages for the stages that have been submitted recently will be in the next update. I'll also be working on getting the new Item submission page up with the new submission form for them on the forums. I'd like to also try getting smaller updates on the site quicker rather than larger updates at a slower rate, but consistency is not one of my strengths, so I'll just try to update whenever I get five to eight new pages finished and ready to upload.

  8 New Submissions Added
November 26, 2012
Posted by: DK3

I know updates have still been a bit slow, but that's mostly due to wanting to do bigger updates at a time to have more to update with. New submissions have been coming in kinda slowly, but just don't take the lack of updates on the site as it 'dieing' again.

Anyway, this time we have another 8 new submissions, as well as 8 new symbols. A few of them you may have seen over the course of the past month, but I'd like to post them here anyway just to show them off.

  8 New Submissions Added
October 28, 2012
Posted by: DK3

Submissions posts on the forums have been kind of slow right now and I wanted to show more for this update, but it's still a reasonably good update for a few hours of work. What we have are 8 new characters being added to our growing roster, including 4 for your faithful admin.

In other news regarding this update, I have taken the time out to finally create a handful of our official Symbols for various series. Below are the ones that have been uploaded thus far.

  2 New Submissions Added (with the First Stage!)
October 11, 2012
Posted by: DK3

Who would ever be against another update made so soon? I didn't think so.. anyway, my own newest Character Submission, Yoshi, has been added, as well as our first Stage, Acorn Plains.

  7 New Submissions Added
October 9, 2012
Posted by: DK3

After an undesirable delay, and I do apologize for it, we finally have a new update to the site's Character roster, including 7 newcomers.

Also, I must apologize if certain music files are not accurate, I really tried my best to find the correct songs, but alas, had to settle for what I felt was the closest thing.

  2 New Submissions Added and 2 Ratings Added
September 16, 2012
Posted by: DK3

UltraKintaro's Squall Leonhart and DK3's Bowser submissions have been added to the site. Please feel free to check them out.

The first ratings have been posted on the site, both by fellow board member and submitter; The Brawlinator.
Also, Ratings will now show on all selection pages from here on out.

  The First Pack of Characters is Now Up! And Then Some!
September 11, 2012
Posted by: DK3

The first of many to come in terms of Character Submissions is now officially a part of the site. 13 Characters have been added. For now, the IDEAS tab will show you just these characters, but as time goes by and the site expands again, we'll have much more to offer.

I'm also looking forward to getting feedback and ratings on these submissions to add to the pages as well, so feel free to send in your opinions.

  Announcement - Official Submission Pages have began being uploaded!
September 08, 2012
Posted by: DK3

The first of the Submission Pages have begun being uploaded to the site. Due to this being the first of many packs of new Submission Pages, many changes had to be made to them over the course of the past month. One of the main issues I had to overcome was the music files, since it was easiest for the members to post links to YouTube videos of their desired character's theme songs, I had to find the MP3 files myself, and after a few days of finding a secure and safe way, I had found my method. Though, some of the audio files were MP4, M4A, or some other format, so I had to find another safe and secure way to convert them to MP3 format so the Shockwave Player the site uses would be able to play them.

So over the course of the next few days, more Submission Pages will be completed and added, and the Selection Page will be created and added to the site as well. So stay tuned and feel free to submit new ideas on the forums!

Below are a few pages from our members that have been finished and uploaded thus far:
Kamekguy - Monobear
akakievich - Ste-Casse King
Doctor Slavic - Victini

  Announcement - The First Character Submission Page is Complete!
August 05, 2012
Posted by: DK3

After over 4 days of work on just the layout and scripting of the Character Submission page, it is finally complete, and it has more variables and consistency than ever before.

The new features added to the page include:
1. Various layout differences, including the Submitter's name at the top of the page instead of the bottom, and damage values having their own column on the tables.
2. Symbols appear on the Character's page now. (If one is available for their franchise.)
3. A Revival Platform field.
4. New stats for the Character such as Height, Attack Speed, and the self-calculating Overall.
5. Special Traits, like the Character's weapon of choice (if they use one), and the abilities of gliding, wall clinging, ect.
6. Complete Movesets! More in-depth than just their Special Moves now.
7. The Character's Theme Music, playable right on the page.
8. Comments from viewers regarding the Submission and an overall rating.
9. A Feedback form inbedded into the page at the bottom where viewers can send in their opinions on the submission.

So in all, I'm hoping that these new features bring about a whole new level of quality to our Character Submissions here at SSB: Mercurious.

Here is the link to the page.

  Major Announcement - New Site Design Underway!
August 01, 2012
Posted by: DK3

SSB: Mercurious is updating!
For those of you who've been apart of the community for a while and have seen this before, you won't be disappointed this time. This is the official third reboot of the website. I must admit that with the direction I'm going with the site this time, I'm alot happier. So let me explain how the sight will differ from the last version.

With this new installment of Mercurious, we will be focusing alot more on detail and quality of the submissions and ideas posted here on the site. That is not to say we are discouraging people with simple ideas for new content from sharing, but only the quality submissions will shine through and find their way to the site. In the end, I'm hoping this will not only improve the site's overall quality as well as our submitter's creativity, but also greatly decrease my workload, which was a major issue with the last installment. For now, we will be focusing on Characters, now with full movesets and short descriptions of each attack.

The forums will not go untouched either, as I have noticed an unauthorized skin has been applied to the board. I did not have the old style sheet saved anywhere, so I'll be designing a new one. Admins and Mods will be reappointed over the next few months as well and will be determined by experience in the fields as a priority before the active are chosen to fill-in.

I am also aware that many links aren't currently active and many of the old features of the site are no longer up for the time being. Please be patient as I continue to sculpt this place a new one.

P.S.: NONE of the old submission pages will be taken down permanently. However, I will not be applying the new site design to any of them.

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